Remind me, after the WAR NDA drops…

Remind me that I have stories to tell about Public Quests. Two stories, specifically, that happened in the past week. The stories are part of my own personal “Eureka!” moments in WAR, where I feel like Mythic’s hopes for new game mechanics is happening in my game experiences. Some “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” developer discussions while they were designing WAR beginning to bear fruit in my closed beta experience.

*sigh* I’ve backspaced over the stories a couple times now, trying to write enough that I’ll remember what I wanted to say, without breaking the NDA. Alas, I’m failing, so it’ll have to go into a draft in WordPress until I’m allowed to say more.


3 Responses

  1. Save to a .txt and e-mail it to me. I’ll hold onto it until such time as it is legal to post.

  2. I have six NDA-breaking posts in my Drafts folder… My trigger finger is getting itchy! 😛

  3. post em! i want your beta spot 😛

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