Guild Wars (player) fail

I bought Guild Wars through Steam the other night. NCSoft does a security bit at login where you have to type in the name of one of your characters. I suppose this prevents scammers from hijacking accounts, and I’m in favor of it.

However, I screwed myself. I made a new character, made up a name I’ve never used in an MMO before, played through the tutorial until I got sleepy, and went to bed. I tried to log in again last night, and was greeted with the “Type in the name of a character on this account” box at login. Doh. I have no idea!

Clearly, I’m not the only person to do this; the NCSoft support site has instructions how to request the character name. My ticket is in their queue, and I’m stuck waiting to play until they hook me up.

I’m definitely ticking that “remember my answer” box under the login info once I get the character name back.


Guild Wars on sale on Steam

The Guild Wars trilogy is on sale on Steam for $19.99. It’s been on my list of “I should really try it” games for a long, long time, and the sale did the trick. I’ve heard good things about it, mostly from the Van Hemlock podcast, and I think I’ll definitely get my money’s worth out the purchase.

It’s a smart move by NCSoft. With Guild Wars 2 coming out soon-ish (I don’t follow the game, and I’m too lazy to google it), selling the original at a discount is a good way to get people like me to experience the original, and maybe be more likely to pick up GW2.

You can check out the sale on Steam’s NCSoft page. The original game and the two expansions are on sale individually, as well as a bundle with all three games.Cheers!

I thought this was an Onion story, but no…

Game teaches sex through the eyes of a superhero

From the article: ‘Players can either be a man wearing a condom on his head named Captain Condom; a virgin named Wonder Vag; a boy named Willy the Kid who believes size doesn’t matter or Power Pap, a sexually active gal.”

Wonder Vag? Really? Please, tell me, what’s her special power? And if Willy has only one eye, I can die a happy gamer.

The argument that video games can be educational just took a punch in the face.