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I’m Rick. I’m married, a dad, a gamer, and I work for a university doing technology consulting. I was playing Eve Online when I started this blog, but got a bit stymied by level 4 missions and drifted away after a year in the Eve universe. I recently stopped playing Lord of the Rings Online, and I’ve finally kicked my World of Warcraft habit that was active since the day WoW launched. I had a great time playing WoW, but I felt like I was missing too many other good games, both single-and multi-player. Long stints in previous mmorg’s included Star Wars Galaxies, Dark Age of Camelot and Everquest, plus trying most of the other major launches since EQ came out in ’99. I managed to miss UO somehow, probably because I was still deep into MUDding at the time.

I’m on a bit of an mmorpg break at the moment, but I’ll be playing Age of Conan when it comes out next month, and I’m hopeful that Warhammer will be a good game next fall.

I’m working on a return to graduate school to somehow convert my fascination with mmorpg’s into a Masters of Liberal Arts degree. If anyone reading this is involved in studying gaming, online communities, participatory culture or the like and has advice about academic paths, feel free to pass it my way. You can find me here, or over at Gax, a social network for gamers.

The blog image header as of 4/23/08 comes from this picture in CrazyKinux’s Flickr collection of Eve screenshots and is licensed by him under Creative Commons. I only fly Minmatar ships 🙂


5 Responses

  1. I look forward to your posts, and hopefully some good conversations over time!

  2. Couldn’t find an email for ya here, but curious who this is since you knew me! Hopefully you read these over here…


  3. Just happened upon your blog, and am enjoying reading it. Hope you enjoy my musing about MMORPGs too


  4. I like the new look!!

  5. I would like to make contact with you. Would you mind emailing me?


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