Disgusted update

Crazy Kinux left a comment on an earlier post asking if I was dead, and the reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated, or something like that. I just hit a wicked “I hate mmorpg’s” stretch, where all I could do was log in to WoW, putz around leveling alts I knew I’d never be serious about playing, and log off feeling empty.

The desire to blog disappeared with my desire to play. I apologize for not leaving a note that I was taking a break.

I can’t point to a specific game as the cause for my unrest. Eve was a blast for a year, but I reached a point where I wanted more, and I knew Eve wasn’t going to provide it. In fact, none of the games on the horizon seem like they’re going to provide the experience I’m seeking. Anyone else feeling this way? I was hoping for a continual upgrade of the mmorpg experience, and the last couple years have felt decidedly blah. Seriously, no one’s done anything much better than DAoC, SWG or Eve since oh, around 2003? I mean, WoW’s clearly a stellar gaming experience, but I want a house, I want more in-depth tradeskills, I don’t want my PvP instanced…blah, anyone who’s read through my old posts knows what I’m looking for in a game.

Since last October or so, I’ve played some Baldur’s Gate II, I’m playing through Half-Life again, I played some Civ 4, some Psychonauts, I finished Jade Empire, and I level my stupid WoW alts. I cancelled Eve, sad to say, after setting Battleship V to train. I may go back, but my burnout with the whole mmorpg genre is fairly complete at the moment.

I’m actually in a beta right now. I can’t tell you which beta it is, but if you’ve read here enough to know what my favorite mmorpg was, and you think about what high-profile beta is underway at the moment, it’ll probably be pretty easy to figure it out. In fact, I could tell you what beta it is, I’m allowed to say that under the NDA rules, but if I told you, then I wouldn’t be able to tell you that I’m feeling underwhelmed and dissatisfied with the experience. You know the depth I was talking about above? Tradeskills, preferably to the SWG extent? Housing? Not a shallow WoW-lite PvP clone? Well, I ain’t feeling it yet.

My unease is so bad that I actually downloaded Maple Story and Mabinogi tonight. I’m ashamed of myself, and I haven’t even logged in yet. I loaded up Second Life earlier this week. God, that place is an abomination. Any game that doesn’t at least let you remap your key bindings should be taken out behind the woodshed and shot. Someone’s going to come along and kick Second Life’s ass all over the virtual lot, if they can just get a game that loads textures for an area in less than 30 seconds and lets you remap your keys. Avatars that don’t look like ass would be a plus, too.  It’s really no wonder that the SA Goons bomb SL as much as they bomb BoB.

I’m dying for a game that feels like it’s a new-generation idea, an improvement over WoW, or at least an improvement over the rest of the second-gen fodder drifting around at the moment. I’m gonna have to try Vanguard soon, out of sheer boredom, unless I scratch my eyes out with dull spoons first. And yeah, I ranked Vanguard behind Maple Story and SL. Sorry Brad. Can’t say I’m surprised, though. Aradune always did seem supremely out of touch.

I’ve missed a lot of first-person games over the past 9 years, being severely addicted to EQ, DAoC, SWG, WoW, and Eve (along with many flings with other games along the way), and I think I’ll spend time catching up on the A-list titles there, while I wait for someone in the mmorpg world to surprise me. I just feel like I’m spinning my wheels with mmorpg’s these days. I really don’t expect my embarrassing forays into the Maple Story’s of the world to amount to anything but killin’ time.

I did get a beta invite to PMOG, the Passively Multiplayer Online Game, and I’ll be messing around with that a bit. Last I heard, it was Justin Hall’s game, and his old website, Links.net, was my first introduction to HTML and interesting stuff on the internet back in…shoot, ’94? I’m just looking for anything different. Please, god, no more EQ/WoW clones. Could someone take a chance at building a real online game WORLD? Not just a place to level and instance PvP?

I’ll try to report back here about my time in the dregs of the mmo world, and about PMOG. I’m considering switching this blog to Gax Online, just because I’d like to keep up with the news and chat over there, and if I blog here I’ll probably not get around to hanging out over there. Not enough free time in the world 🙂 I’ll post a note here with a forwarding address if I do make the jump.

Crazy Kinux, thanks for checking in. Fly safe, hope you’re doing well in Eve! Anyone else still listening, feedback is always appreciated. Are you feeling any burnout like me, or have I just lived in the mmorpg world for too many years without an extended break? Are my expectations too high?