I thought this was an Onion story, but no…

Game teaches sex through the eyes of a superhero

From the article: ‘Players can either be a man wearing a condom on his head named Captain Condom; a virgin named Wonder Vag; a boy named Willy the Kid who believes size doesn’t matter or Power Pap, a sexually active gal.”

Wonder Vag? Really? Please, tell me, what’s her special power? And if Willy has only one eye, I can die a happy gamer.

The argument that video games can be educational just took a punch in the face.


2 Responses

  1. This is a criticism of the original article and possibly the “game” itself, and certainly not a criticism on your reporting of it.

    I think it’s patently ridiculous that the only description of the female characters is whether they are sexually active or not, and that it isn’t mentioned at all for the male characters. Also calling someone a virgin doesn’t automatically define them as female last I checked, though the quote from the original article and your interpretation of it seems to assume that it does. I initially read “a virgin named Wonder Vag” as a boy wondering what a vag is.

    • It wasn’t the virgin qualifier that made me think it was a girl. To me, the preface “Wonder” for a superhero is almost always followed by a gender identifier (Wonder Woman, Wonder Boy, Wonder Girl), so I assumed Vag was feminine. I can see how it could be interpreted either way, though, and I’m not actually sure which of us is correct. And I’m a little afraid to research it any further 🙂

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