LoTRO F2P – An Early Look

I managed to get the LoTRO F2P update downloaded last night, after adding the Turbine Invoker and Turbine Launcher to my firewall exceptions. Never had to do that before, but it worked.

The update wasn’t all that large and I got to play for a little bit. There are interface updates – the experience bar is a little bigger, a little brighter, there’s a Skirmish button next to your bags, and there’s a Store icon at the right side of your toolbar. I got a bunch of deed updates and I got some Turbine points for deeds and reputation. People in my guild were talking about having thousands of points – I only had 80 🙂 I don’t think I’m a completionist, or maybe my point total just isn’t correct yet. Turbine had a note about a problem with points, so I’ll wait and see what I end up with in a couple days.

I thought, as a current subscriber, I’d get a chunk of points to play with, but they haven’t appeared yet. I think the only points that registered were due to my standings with various factions.

I finished up some Moria quests and logged out. I’ll check out the new zone when I get a little more time to play. So far, so good? Beyond the update problem, everything was stable. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when the F2P is live for everyone, though. I wonder if they’ll stay stable through the weekend.


2 Responses

  1. Some of the chunk of points that Turbine was offering was for logging in and playing between the F2P announcement and it going live.

    Their loyalty rewards page is down now, but I reposted what it said here back after the announcement:


  2. Thanks for doing my research for me, AG 🙂

    I think I missed out on a lot of possible points (not a lifetime member, not a founder, but I was a current subscriber), so your post tells me about a lot of point bonanzas that I missed.

    And I’m cool with that – I think the people who took the Lifetime leap with LoTRO deserve to be amply rewarded.

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