PS3 Motion Controller

One of my favorite viewing experiences from E3 this year is the video about the PS3 motion controller. It’s so cool that, for the first time, I can see a potential console purchase in my future. This blog is almost exclusively a PC-centric domain, but if games evolve in the direction Sony is demonstrating, that could change.

I don’t own a console, and haven’t owned one since (wait for it) the Atari 2600. Seriously. There are a variety of reasons for that, most having to do with the division of entertainment resources in my house. My wife gets the TV at night, I get the computer, and I’ve never felt a need to have a console available on the TV on the nights she needs the PC for something (plus, I can play games on my laptop if she needs the desktop, or watch something on Hulu/ There are so many great games on the PC that I still enjoy playing, or haven’t gotten around to playing, that I haven’t felt the need to invest in a good TV and a console.

If Sony (and Microsoft and Nintendo) start offering quality games based on the technology in the PS3 motion controller video, that could change. It would signal a radical paradigm shift in the way I game.

I realize this tech is available on the Wii, to a certain extent, but there aren’t too many games on the Wii that get me excited, and most of my gamer friends admit to buying the Wii, playing with it for a brief period of time, and shelving it. I suspect the same thing would happen to me.

The Sony demo, though, already shows them doing things that would make me want to buy the system and buy games for the system. As well as a new TV, and a new house with room for upright gaming (Note to future game developers: If you work with this type of technology, and decide to call your company Upright Gaming, give me some props 🙂 Nod to the old school upright gaming cabinets, an evolution reference…I like it).

Since I game with my daughter a lot, I often wonder what gaming will be like in 20 years, or 40 years. This glimpse is just a tiny indication how much things are going to change. We’ll look back and  wonder how we ever spent so much time hunched over our desks, clicking and clacking on the keyboard to play our games.