Casualties of WAR

Casualties of WAR guild
Casualties of WAR (CoW)

I’ve been a little quiet the past couple days because I’m over at the new Casualties of WAR guild forums. If you haven’t heard of Casualties of WAR yet, it’s an outgrowth of Boatorious‘ idea to create a WAR guild for all the WAR bloggers that talk back and forth to each other. Genda, Hudson, Bildo, and Heartless really took the idea and ran with it.

The guild forum has attracted quite a few bloggers, and even more people who read those blogs. If you don’t yet have a WAR guild, and you think you might be interested in joining us, come by and read the charter. We’re aiming for a low drama, high enjoyment factor, but everyone always says that initially ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m hoping we actually manage to accomplish it!

I’m usually a solo-minded player in MMO’s, but WAR has encouraged me to group more than any previous game. Grouping is simple, it’s rewarding, and it’s a lot of fun, even with strangers. It should be a lot more fun running around with friends who I’ve been talking back and forth with here, and on other blogs.

I don’t want to miss mentioning anyone’s blog, but I know I’m going to. I think I’ll start a thread at the CoW site later today that lists everyone who has a blog, so anyone who pops over from here will be able to see everyone who’s writing about WAR in the guild. And I won’t get in trouble for not mentioning them here, I hope. It’s not personal! I’m old and forgetful, that’s all.

I was excited to see Wilhelm from The Ancient Gaming Newb say he’ll join us, and not just because he’s older than me. I’ve flown around the Eve universe for over a year now, and I’ve never run into Wilhlem in space. Hopefully I’ll fix that in WAR and I’ll get to have some adventures with him. Saylah from Mystic Worlds showed up yesterday, and I’ve always enjoyed her appearances on the VirginWorlds podcasts and her blog posts. Ethic from Kill Ten Rats says he’s going to play, which would be awesome. I’m hoping we could convince Oz to come out of semi-retirement and play with us as well, although I know his real life is quite busy. Oz was an old EQ guildmate, back in our Test Server days, and one of my favorite posters on the old Druid’s Grove EZboard forum.

Oakstout will be playing with CoW, Cuppycake has indicated she’ll be there (Nice, two degrees of separation from Raph. Who needs Kevin Bacon?), Pixiestyx (who might not be blogging any longer?) will join us. Blackguard (Ryan Shwayder) has posted on the boards, although he hasn’t actually applied for guild membership…I’m guessing 38 Studios will have their own gang to run with, but I can still hope he’d come play with us. I’m running out of time here (I’m at work!), but other bloggers who are applying to the guild include Werit, Pete from Dragonchasers, Esri, Ardua (who has an awesome sig pic)…if I missed anyone, it’s an accident! I ended up cruising the application section and checking profiles for blog links…if you have a blog and it’s not in your profile, add it in!

If you haven’t been to the CoW site and you’re interested in checking out the guild, the guild charter gives you an idea of our goals.

I have to say, I haven’t been this excited about an MMO launch in a long time, and I’ve never been a part of a big guild right at launch. I’m hoping that good players continue to join us, and that can have one hell of a good time going to WAR ๐Ÿ™‚ We’ll have two chapters, on two servers; one for Order, and one for Destruction. Come check it out!


Boathammer’s WAR blogger proposal

Boathammer (I want to know how you came up with your name!) posted about WAR bloggers possibly trying to choose the same server when WAR is released, or at least trying to play together during open beta (whenever that begins). While he’s not overly sanguine about the chances for success, ( saying it “is insane (I like that) and won’t work (don’t like that)), it’s always a fun discussion. Herding cats, MMO-style.

Someone else did mention this for WAR, and Syncaine and I have discussed it for Eve bloggers as well (although Eve is already well-established and there’s only one server, so really, we can just pick a channel to chat in…Crazykinx suggested “The Drone Bay” channel, without the quotes, which I really need to join…sorry, tangent).

Ever since Everquest, I’ve had absolutely terrible luck trying to recapture the magic of in-game friendships in new games, or internet/discussion forum/blog relationship in new games. I’ve met great people in every game I’ve played; it just seems like I don’t carry those relationships from game to game. I blame myself, my attention span is too short to watch Short Attention Span Theater, but I’ve watched other focused and competent people fail miserably trying to come to a consensus on server choice, or actually succeed on choosing a server, but then discovering your relationship is far different when you’re actually playing a game.

For me, I probably wrote more in this post than I do in a week of playing an online game. I’m oddly silent playing games (and I can be like that in real life as well, until I get to know someone), and I’m sure that’s jarring for people who might have expected me to contribute to guild chat the same way I blather on in my blog.

Actually, perhaps they’re grateful for the silence. Another tangent, but I’m not exploring that one without my therapist.

Anyway, I’m definitely in for an open beta blogger’s guild. If it lasts through release, that’d be fine with me. I don’t have any firm plans for release yet; it seems WAR hasn’t really hit the radar for most of my old guilds.

I prefer Order to Chaos, but I’m flexible for open beta. It’d be good to know the capabilities of my enemies when launch day rolls around.

If anyone else is up for it, post over at Boathammer’s blog, and think about names!