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It’d be wrong to say that I resubscribed to Eve Online just mention CrazyKinux’s Eve Online Fanfest schwag contest, but the contest is a good reason to link to a great blog. Plus, who wouldn’t want a fistful of Eve goodies?

I resubbed because I realized there are things in Eve that I haven’t accomplished. I spent more time on PvE, and not enough time in the sandbox. My last go-round, which ended about a year ago, was primarily all high-sec activity (mission running, mining). There was some PvP going on when my corp, Eve University, was war decced, but it was Empire wars and mostly consisted of us flying in blobs while bored PvP/pirate corps tried to catch new players solo or unaware. My lowsec adventures consisted mainly of quick flights to fulfill mission goals, and I don’t know if I ever set foot in 0.0.

This time, I have a different focus. I still have a solid mission running setup for cash, but I’m going to spend more time exploring (read: getting blown up) in 0.0. Cheap Rifters, outfitted in T1 gear, insured and cloned up, leaves me with little of value to lose. A couple quick level 3 missions will pay for an entire night of getting blown up.

I’ve run out of Lonetrek through lowsec into 0.0 a couple times now. Judicious use of the star map and the filters available let me know which systems have ships getting blown up and which systems are empty of players. My first trip saw me flying back home safely after making a run through a half dozen 0.0 systems, checking out the NPC spawns in the asteroid belts and trying to figure out what kind of ship I’d need to rat in there (answer: more ship than I’m willing to lose at the moment, and I’m pretty sure I’d lose it πŸ™‚ )

My second night of exploring eventually found me warping into a 0.0 system with just one other exit, and 11 players in the system with warp bubbles set up on both gates. Uh oh. It could only end one way. I spent about a half hour testing the gates, discovering what it’s like to get pulled out of warp by what I think was an interdictor’s mobile warp bubble, and practicing escapes to safespots while the folks in the system tried to catch me when I probed the gate defenses.

When it was time to go home, I flew toward one of the players trying to catch me near the interdictor bubble, hoping to at least lock and hurt someone a bit before I was blown to bits. Instead, the rest of his friend arrived before I closed to locking range, and I was damped, webbed, scrammed, and blown to bits before I could even lock. They had my lock range decreased from around 29k to 5k, and I was a fiery wreck before I got to 10k . My pod popped a few seconds later.

One of the players was kind enough to say “gf” in local, which cracked me up considering I didn’t get a lock on an enemy ship, let alone fire a shot, but I sent him a message saying thanks and telling him it was my first time fighting in 0.0. He was very encouraging, saying I did a good job avoiding them for so long, and not getting caught until I decided to stand and fight. That made me feel good, and made me want to go back and try it again. It also made me glad I spent time in the Eve University corp; all the tricks I used to stay alive were tactics they taught me in the Empire wars.

There have been a lot of changes in Eve since I left, a lot of new elements that make the incredible amount of information you require to plumb the depths of the game a little easier to access. The Evelopedia seems like a good resource, and I really like the new Fitting screen. The in-game browser is really slow, though; quicker page loads would be much appreciated. But, it’s simple to alt-Tab out to a regular browser.

I’m going to do more exploring in 0.0 over the next couple weeks, and then maybe look for corps that are recruiting out in that area. I had friends who were a part of the Morsus Mihi alliance last year, and I might look up their corp and see if they’re recruiting. MM space is pretty close to my home base in Empire. I want to make sure I’m sticking around before I apply somewhere, though. It doesn’t seem fair to join a 0.0 corp if I’m just going to play for a month or two. If I keep having fun like I had the other night, though, I might be around long enough to make the jump to 0.0 and see how the other half of Eve plays. It’s a damn big sandbox out there, and I think that’s what I need to get over my MMO malaise.


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  1. Re: In game browser, it’s being replaced December 1st with an in game browser derived from the Chrome browser so it’ll be much better soon. At fanfest CCP used the ingame browser to run a web version of the original Castle Wolfenstein or Doom (I forget which). Making the “I put a game in your game” meme become amusingly true.

    • Awesome! That’s good news. I’m effectively getting two expansions in a very short period of time, since all of Apocrypha is new to me right now, and we’ll see Dominion soon. I’m looking forward to the new browser; I’d prefer to do everything from within the Eve client.

  2. Sounds like some fun adventures. I am still waiting for a space MMO that’s fun which you control like the old joystick games. Still EVE does have a lot going for it, aside from that.

  3. I’m curious what Jumpgate is going to look like. I’m too old and wizened to get all hyped until I get some hands on, but I hope they can give us some sort of Privateer/Freelancer dogfighting.

  4. Tip for sling bubbles. Most of the time if you warp to a planet near the gate and then to the gate at zero you will avoid the sling bubbles. Those were probably anchorable small bubbles and not dictor bubbles. Thats typically how people set up those kind of camps.

    As for maps I would recommend you look at Dotlan Maps. They offer all the stats that you can get from the in-game map but in a much more useful package.

    I suggest joining some corp right away. If you wait till you have made a solid decision you will likely leave as EvE is nowhere near as fun when you are not in a good corp. I’m not sure if we’d be a good fit for you or if you have the required skills but if so check out Clown Punchers. We are all pvp all the time.

    In any case best of luck finding your new niche.

    • Ahh, thanks, I wondered if there was a way to approach from another vector. I’ll have to pull up the right map and find the right planet to angle in from another direction. Do they just motor out 80k from one gate pointing at the other gate to set up their bubble? That makes sense to me, and maybe I can torture them a little longer next time πŸ™‚ Knowledge is power!

      Appreciate the corp advice too, you make good points. Eve only has a limited shelf life as a solo player, I think. As much as I enjoy it, I can’t run missions in high sec forever, gleefully counting my isk from the safety of an Empire station.

      And wow, the Dotlan maps are awesome. It’s a lot quicker to navigate, and it looks like there’s probably more camping going on in the system where I got popped, 3 kills i the last hour. Bet someone’s running the same bubble scheme out there πŸ™‚

      I’ll take a look at your corp, thanks for the link. Safe flying!

  5. Glad to see you’re back mate!

  6. Welcome back to EVe…

    Completely agree with Beowulf, need to get into a corp ASAP…

    In MM myself, and can recommend it whole heartedly…

  7. I havent looked into /random recently. So welcome back to Eve. Your 0.0-adventure sounds very like mine (one bubble avoided by pure luck, the second got me like glue). Besides the cheap T1-Frig, the most painful side effect of podding were the 20mil for new implants. Next time I’ll try 0.0 with some cheap alt without implants and an shuttle – just to learn bubble survival.

    On Jumpgate I’m sharing your opinion: lets see what it will be. I did apply for their beta in december 2008 and still today there is no open beta. Last thing I heard is Q1 2010.

    • Ouch. I jumped out of my implants before I tried the 0.0 adventure, luckily. My big almost-mistake was not realizing I had to re-buy a clone after getting podded. I’m flying implant-free at the moment, and that gives me a little more freedom to take risks. I hope your adventures are more fun and less painful next time around πŸ™‚

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