Really, Sony? Order 66?

In the month of October, I’ll be giving money to two MMO companies that worked hard to regain my attention and my business. Both CCP and Turbine have excellent marketing plans designed to entice former players into resubscribing.

Sony Online Entertainment, on the other hand, basically just gave former players the finger. Instead of taking a cue from successful MMO’s and offer free time to encourage former players to check out the game again, they’ve decided to delete characters unless former players resubscribe to the game to initiate a character transfer (or if you want to pay a $50 fee past today’s free-for-subscribers character transfer option).

I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve encountered this kind of decision making from SOE ever since the days of Everquest. Still, today is a sad day, because I really enjoyed SWG prior to the CU and the NGE, and I know that I’ll never play in that world again. A free weekend, like Turbine is offering for LoTRO right now, with the option to initiate a character transfer, probably would have been enough to get me to resubscribe to SWG for a couple months and maybe get hooked for longer. Instead, SOE initiated Order 66, and my character will be gone forever.

Yeah, I could have paid to extend the life of that character, but in today’s MMO market, I don’t have to give money to a company that doesn’t cater to their customers. It’s like an abusive relationship at this point; if I paid to preserve my character, I’d just be setting myself up for more insulting decisions in the future. Today’s the end. I’ll mourn the good times I had, but it’s not worth enduring future dumb initiatives from SOE.

A tip of my hat to my Mon Calamari artisan/architect, to days spent searching for high quality resources, building a home, building furniture and crafting stations and harvesters and vehicles, living in a player city, and enjoying maybe the best sandbox MMO the genre has seen so far, before SOE decided to “fix” the game. I have such great memories of that character, and today she dies a final death. May the Force be with you.


6 Responses

  1. It’s amazing that after all this time, SOE is still trying to kill SWG without outright pulling the plug. What’s next, adding in elves to ‘enhance’ the player experience?

  2. You do realize you could have had a free month and transferred before this right? I agree it’s crappy that this was laid down w/o notice but there were other free returns w/ free char transfers. And speaking of which, my active account still has an active toon on Valcyn….My real problem is where to move him to. Guess I’ll figure that out now.

    SOE does blow for a lot of reasons but this wasn’t just announced today, it was a month ago. Personally I used a free char transfer in Feb when I had the free month back then.

    • Actually, I didn’t realize that. I haven’t received mail about SWG in a long time, and wasn’t notified about free time. And did the free month and character transfer option make it clear that if you didn’t take advantage of it, you’d lose your character eventually? Even if it did, that’s unlike any other MMO that I’ve ever played. I could log back into DAoC today and have the option to move my character to one of the merged servers; Mythic didn’t remove access to my character because I happened to miss some arbitrary deadline.

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