Why DDO didn’t make my “Now Playing” post

Most of the posts on this blog end up being about MMO’s, which is why it’s been quiet while I’ve been bored/on hiatus with MMO’s recently. My last post talked about playing Ryzom, but I didn’t mention that I also tried out Dungeons and Dragons Online now that it went free to play. That’s probably because I don’t consider DDO an MMO, but I still should have mentioned it. Thallian recommended it in the comments on my last post, and I’m glad he did; it reminded me to talk about my experience.

Crawling through the DDO tutorial dungeons has been a pleasant surprise. It feels like I’m playing a good single-player RPG, and that’s meant as a compliment. The game looks good, runs smooth, and the dungeon crawls seem like they could be a lot of fun.

I’m having a hard time treating it like an MMO, though, and when I pine for the old days of MMO’s, I’m not thinking about moving into an instanced game like DDO or Guild Wars. I played DDO on Friday night, but Saturday night and Sunday night I found myself double-clicking the Ryzom shortcut on my desktop, not the DDO shortcut. DDO is arguably a better experience right now (Ryzom is frustrating me), but in the back of my mind, I think I relegate DDO to the non-MMO portion of my gaming brain, and I still desire the big open-world MMO experience.

Yeah, I think I just said I’d rather play a bad MMO than a good instanced multiplayer RPG. There’s probably something wrong with me. Maybe it’s because I’m such a loner in MMO’s, and I can see the need for grouping in DDO eventually, while Ryzom offers the potential for a more varied solo play experience? Maybe it’s the Bartle Explorer in me that wants a world with no borders or boundaries or instances? I’m not sure what it is, but I do need to give DDO more play time, and I need to avoid my usual tendency of soloing everything in an MMO. I think DDO has a lot to offer, and I’ll probably have more fun over the long run if I take some time to find groups for dungeon crawls.

I should be able to find groups; the Gamers with Jobs DDO players are on the same server (Kyber) as me, and I think some of them would know me from TF2 matches on the GWj servers. Thallian is on Khyber as well. I’d post my name here, except I’ve forgotten it already…I had a lot of choices rejected before I finally found an available name. If I do get around to clicking the DDO icon first, before I dive back into Ryzom, I’ll post my name here, and on the GWJ forums, and I’ll report back on my dungeon crawling experiences.


5 Responses

  1. thanks for the mention and for pointing me to their list! I’ll definitely look them up 🙂

  2. I played a bit of DDO during the recent beta and I wanted to start it up a bit with the new free-to-play release, but the game is back to crashing when I start it and I haven’t yet had the issue to troubleshoot the issue. Hopefully I’ll get that sorted and I can look you up on Khyber.

  3. Ouch, Travis, I haven’t had any problems with crashing yet. In fact, now that you mention it, the game has performed flawlessly for me. Sorry to hear you’ve got bugginess.

    It’d be fun to run some dungeons if you get sorted out soon!

  4. I’ve been enjoying DDO, and have managed to do everything solo so far, even a few early elite dungeons.

    …OK, that was when I was level 2 and they were for level 1, so it’s not like I’m a pro; I mention it because it’s possible to have fun and accomplish things solo. I didn’t have to go out of my way to grind either, which is always appreciated. i just played through the missions and explored the wilderness areas, and found that the game is paced pretty nicely. If anything, doing all of the available missions means I’m a wee bit overleveled for some content.

    • I agree about being overleveled for some quests, but I figure that will catch up once I’m out of the newbie area. I haven’t tried any elites; haven’t even tried any hard levels yet, but Normal is pretty easy.

      Actually, the reason I haven’t done anything beyond Normal was because of a bug. There were some bosses who were ridiculously hard on Normal, a bug they addressed, and the first dungeon I attempted on Normal had a bugged mob. It killed me like two hits, so I thought Normal was too tough. Since Turbine made the bug fix, though, Normal has been easy. I should bump up the difficulty to Hard and see what that’s like next time through.

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