LoTRO: Good news, bad news

The good news is, my account issues cleared up on Monday evening, and I was able to get a couple nights of free Welcome Back LoTRO. With the experience boost they were offering, I went from level 23 to level 28, did quite a bit of crafting, and moved myself out of the Lonelands and over to North Downs.

I had such a good time that I decided to resub for a while. This is where the “bad news” part comes in. Apparently, Turbine is doing some major data center reorganization, and their servers fell down and went boom earlier today. They’re still hosed, in various states of not-working. I can’t log into my Turbine account to re-activate my account. The game isn’t launching for people right now, or if it does, the performance suffers. And this is after Turbine had to turn off the April Fool’s Day Chicken Run quest, because it was so popular that it was straining their servers.

That’s the kind of problem you want to have, I guess, people having so much fun that an area gets really, really crowded. The login and account management problems? Yeah, those aren’t the kind of problems you want to have, especially on the first day after a Welcome Back weekend, when people might be considering re-subscribing.

I completed the April Fool’s Day quest last night, earning my title “Fool”. Perfect.

I hadn’t tried Monster Play in the past (Turbine’s version of PvP, where you can play an NPC creature and attack the players who want to play on the human/elf/dwarf/hobbit side of the fence. The April Fool’s Day quest dropped you into the Monster Play zone as a level 1 chicken, and you had to safely navigate your way all the way across the zone, avoiding both player creeps (players playing monsters) and normal NPC’s.

Your chicken was given a Sprint skill, a Dodge skill, increased Stealth detection, and something else. I was killed by player creeps a number of times trying to run in a pretty straight line, from the NW corner of the map where the chickens spawned to the SE corner where the quest finished up.

The quest gave you 15 minutes to arrive at your goal, and I realized I had a lot more time than I was using. I started going in a circuitous, counter-clockwise route around the zone walls, more or less, and after getting killed by NPC’s twice, I managed to stay alive and complete a round on my fifth attempt. It was a lot of fun, and a great April Fool’s day quest. Hopefully, Turbine will sort out their server issues soon, and I can get back to Middle Earth and have some new adventures.


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  1. Hey Rick! Sorry to hear about your account issues, but ya gotta admit, that’s a might big number of folks to melt LotR servers. I don’t know whether to be excited for Turbine on the number of users all online in one area, or dismayed that their load balancing failed. :S

  2. I hear you. Ihad the game freeze up on me many times over the trial weekend because their servers were crashing. In one instance, my level 15 hunter was killed, which means I can’t earn anymore of the “reached level x without dieing” titles!

  3. @ Dan – Yes, I’m happy for Turbine, for sure. I was pleasantly surprised by LoTRO, and I hope they get a lot of return business. I’m not trying to bash Turbine at all; I know they have a pretty good reputation for solid MMO service, despite the current mess.

    @ Dickie – Wow, that REALLY sucks, losing that title. I don’t think I’ve ever made it to level 15 without dying at least once, and I can imagine how disappointing it is to lose the title to a server problem.

  4. Hopefully they get their issues worked out soon, I am glad to see someone returning to the game :).

    The load on the servers has been increasing alot – I am thinking they might have to start forced balancing (enforcing the whole Queue structure) or even upgrading the servers. It is a good thing and a bad thing, its a good thing cause it means lots of new blood – its a bad thing cause some current customers get cranky at performance issues.

    Oh, I have never received the final undying badge – I think the highest one I got was the second one; I lost the chance at the first one on my main in Open Beta because I was a tad too cocky :). The first one is too easy to get though (especially now with the XP curve adjustment).

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