LoTRO Account mystery

Digging through the LoTRO support pages, I found a FAQ about re-activating an account. Since I hadn’t found anything specific about problems with the Welcome Back weekend, I checked the re-activation suggestion.

Apparently, I can’t see everything I’m supposed to be able to see in my LoTRO account management page through Turbine. I’m supposed to contact “support” if I can’t see information about resubscribing, but their link to “support” is just the main support page for LoTRO, with no further information about where I should start contacting “support”.

Weird. It should be easier if I want to re-activate. I wonder what’s going on? I was only checking in because it was free. If it’s going to involve a lot more steps than that, I’m not sure I’m interested.


One Response

  1. It is possible that the preparation for Turbines Data Center move could have been affecting the Account Management website as well as their other sites (the LotRO forums were a bit wonky all day yesterday). With the welcome back weekend you should have been able to just log into the game with your reactivated account login.

    Its a bit late now but a way to test account viability and get support slightly faster is by going to the forums – a few people had the same issues and had them fixed (I believe all or most of them at least).

    To reactivate your account for good you should just be able to login to your account and click on ‘Reactivate’ or ‘Resume’ under the listing for LotRO; if you don’t see that then def something is wonky – check any add-ons for FF (if you use FF) and/or try a different browser.

    Sorry that you couldn’t get back in in time – that sucks 😦

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