Runes of Magic progress

Runes of Magic is the first free-to-play MMO that I find myself returning to on a regular basis. I’ve moved servers, choosing what I think will be a permanent home for a while.

Over the last 10 days or so, I leveled a character up on the Govinda server, getting a Scout/Rogue combo up to 13/13, or something like that. As I learned about the primary and secondary class system (which explains the Number/Number level designations), and as I learned more about the crafting options and the daily quests, I realized I could probably call ROM home for a little while…or a long while, since I don’t have to worry about a subscription fee, and I can log in whenever I want.

I figured if I’m going to play semi-regulary, I should move over to the Artermis server, where Saylah plays. Yesterday, I created a new character over there, and quickly leveled my first class (warrior) to 11 and traveled to the main city of Veranas, where I picked Priest for my secondary class. I took the priest to Reifort, since I haven’t leveled over there yet, and quickly got to level 8.

I still really don’t know what I’m doing in ROM, but I am enjoying myself. I try to run my 10 daily quests every day, and I gather a bunch of stuff and craft it into something else, and I’m enjoying exploring a new world. I have to shoot Saylah an email and say hello…I managed to get all hyperfocused on leveling and forgot to do it yesterday πŸ™‚ Doh. If you read it here first, Saylah…hi!

If my work and RL schedule cooperates, I’ll be posting thoughts and impressions on ROM here. If I get swamped again, I’ll talk to y’all in a week or so πŸ™‚


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  1. You do daily quests before the level cap… and this is a bonus why? Or are they more fun than WoW’s version?

  2. I just started RoM myself, on Artemis. So far it is looking really great. Figuring out the secondary class for me is the most confusing aspect of the game, being a Priest/Knight, but I’m digging it. See you in game sometime.


    • @ Snifs – Cool! Maybe I’ll see you around…I’ll post my house number when I remember to write it down while I’m in-game. My character name is Gallatin.

      I’m slowly figuring out the secondary class. Like, I finally figured out what skills you can use from your Secondary class. My Priest benefits from the Slash skill of my Warrior, and I guess I’ll have some Priest skills when I switch back to Warrior as my primary class.

      I really like the Primary/Secondary thing. It’s like having an alt, but all your loot and money goes to the same character πŸ™‚

  3. @ Syncaine – Ok, remember, I don’t have the specifics of how the RMT works figured out quite yet. That said, when you do daily quests, you get tokens, and I think you can redeem those tokens for…something important πŸ™‚ Maybe mounts, maybe bank space? Or maybe they’re just used in crafting? Whatever it is, the daily quests give you tokens that will be useful somewhere.

    Dailies are cool because you can usually pick quests (off a bulletin board in your quest hub) that match the NPC quests you receive, so you’re doubling your reward for killing ten rats. If you have a daily quest for rats, and an NPC quest for rats, you get your NPC reward and XP, plus your daily quest reward (tokens) and XP.

    Because you can couple them with regular quests, they don’t seem as grindy as WoW’s daily quests felt to me.

  4. Definitely look me up in game!! I joined a fun guild vs starting one just for us who are only dabbling right now. They are ultra casual too just large in numbers. Pretty fun and goofy bunch so far. Look for Surianah in game.

  5. The good thing about the daily quests is that you get the items needed for them regardless of whether you have the quest or not, so you can get a bunch of daily item by just doing other stuff and quests. Then later you can cash in the daily rewards.

  6. Yep and remember that if you’re farming or questing in an area that is dropping multiple sets of DQ turn-ins you can turn in more than one iteration of a DQ per day. This saves you on actually doing 10 different ones if you don’t need to.

    Sometimes doing the regular PVE quests has me killing mobs that give me at least two stacks of DQ turn-ins on the side which is an excellent way of casually doing DQs.

    @Sniff – P/K is a nice combo. Knights just got some class change love in a recent patch. Good luck with it. Do share your house number so we can visit ya!

  7. I am hearing a lot about this game lately. I am going to have to give it a try.

    Rick: can you drop me an email? I have a topic I’d like to discuss with you (I believe you have my email through the details on my comment).


  8. I think I’m going to finally install this weekend and try to fire up a few characters.

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