Eve Online: Band of Brothers infiltrated, decimated, and disbanded

Old news now, I guess. Destructoid had the news up 23 hours ago, and they weren’t the first, but they’ve got some pretty key links there. Mittani’s audio on how it went down, BoB irc chat logs from the Kugutsumen link…epic stuff.

The whole irc chat log is well worth a read, to get a look at the dawning horror as BoB folks realized the extent of their betrayal. Here’s a couple quick summaries though, pulled from Kugutsumen’s excellent coverage of the official Eve forums.

<@Mako> who is arkannen
<@Mako> some with that name took al the wallet from hat
<@Mako> and left reson
<@LadyScarlet> huh
<@Mako> the mittani says hi
<@LadyScarlet> omg
<@LadyScarlet> you have got to be shitting
<@Dian> rut roh


Did we pay our bill?
I’m sure it was paid
get the internal security guy!
It was this guy who did it!
But hes still in the channel!
Kick him!

Epic pantsing.

And maybe the most interesting snippet from the irc log…

<@cflux> I just need an answer was it paid or not, if it was paid, for sure, someone gurantees his mother that it was ****ing paid, I call the batman hothline.
<@cflux> and thats heavy duty batman hotmail. but i aint ****ing ringing if it was our screwup
<@LadyScarlet> a gm ?

Hmm, are they saying what people think they’re saying?

Does he really know Batman’s phone number??

Truly an epic moment in MMO gaming. It’s like a train wreck, I can’t stop looking.


3 Responses

  1. I can’t really decipher anything in those clips 🙂

    • Really? Maybe I’m too Eve-geeky about it, lol. The clips made sense to me because I also read and listened to the other stuff in the links to Destructoid and Kugutsumen. This was like a plane landing in the Hudson River for me, I’m riveted to the stories 🙂

  2. The EVE radio links post event were quite interesting. Dianabolic and The Mittani get interviewed by DJFunkyBaccon.

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