My Mythic Valentine

Clue number 3/13 arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Mythic Valentine

Mythic Valentine

I used to have a girlfriend who talked about hunting me down. She made it sound like a good thing, but, really, it wasn’t a good thing.

You know, when someone first jokes about stalking you (at least, you want to believe it’s a joke), you’re flattered, kinda. It’s nice to get that kind of attention, right? “She’s paying attention to me? Cool! She’s funny, too, all that talk about how all she thinks about is me, all the time…yeah, right. Who’s that crazy?” You don’t realize it at the time, but that’s a crucially important question you’re about to overlook.

But, then, there’s a slow realization that she’s not joking. Maybe the first sign is that you’re running in to her earlier each day, and without really looking for you…she’s just there, with a look that you used to think was adoring, but it’s starting to get a little creepy. Maybe your friend has a friend who knew a guy who used to date her, until he suddenly moved to Tierra Del Fuego because he wanted to “flyfish”, but all his friends thought that was odd, because he never talked about enjoying flyfishing before. Yeah, there are warning signs, but you’re a guy. You’re weak. You have a few drinks, you think about the way she looks at you, it’s been a long time since anyone’s looked at you like that…and sure, if she invites you to the Twisting Tower at the right moment? Sure, you’ll go. In hindsight, it’s a terrible idea, like three people splitting up at Camp Crystal Lake to see what those funny noises are outside the cabin, but in the moment, you think “Maybe she’s not really crazy…maybe it’s just kinky? Maybe we’ll have fun!”

And that’s all it takes. A few moments of wishful thinking, and you’re about to have the worst, and last, Valentine’s Day of your life, up there in the Twisting Tower, with the full horror of what you should have faced weeks ago right there in your face, like Kathy Bates tying James Caan to the bed.

I hate Valentine’s Day.


15 Responses

  1. Did it say anything on the back? Maybe a letter and a couple of numbers?

  2. There should be a letter on the back, be sure to pass it on to people in the ol’ blogosphere so we can fill in that part of the puzzle.

    Congratulations on getting one of the clues!

  3. […] Update 1/28 5:10PM GMT +8: A random envelope arrives at /Random. […]

  4. – t n i – t n – v e r a –
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

    3 blogs left unamed at this time and Wall of Text blog yet to report his numbers/letter

    Is this what everyone else has or am I incorrect anywhere?

  5. […] those wonky folk at Mythic write letter strangely, it was a very right-angled “e”. /Random got one today as well, 3/13 with the letter “n”. Possibly related posts: […]

  6. war event ninth

  7. Add me to the list!!

    Just got my letter today!

    8/13 – L

  8. […] ? 2. T – Stylish Corpse 3. N – /random 4. I – Rainbow MMO 5. ? 6. T – Epic Slant 7. N – LAGwar 8. L – Tome of Knowledge (ME!!) 9. V – Keen […]

  9. […] ? 2. T – Stylish Corpse 3. N – /random 4. I – Rainbow MMO 5. ? 6. T – Epic Slant 7. N – LAGwar 8. L – Tome of Knowledge 9. V – Keen […]

  10. The 2 popular answers are that it spells (backwards in both cases)

    War Event Hints (13 letters and matches what we have so far)


    War Event Ninth (same thing)

    I’m leaning towards a War event starting Monday the 9th of February going thru Friday the 13th (Night of Murder) and all tieing in with Valentines day the 14th explaining the LOVELY valentines you all got.

    Just my opinion.

  11. They just announced it on the Herald

    several Live events

    live expansion

    2 new classes

  12. […] years already? AIAS nominations Mythic Sends “Valentines” to Their Favorite Bloggers.  Hints of Future in Game […]

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