Sony MMO’s on Steam, and gaming behind the curve

It’s been about two months since I’ve played any MMO, which is probably my longest MMO-free stretch since Everquest released almost ten years ago. I’m really enjoy a bunch of different single-player games that I missed while I was obsessing over one MMO or another, but I still feel the occasional pull to log into a world.

I’ve toyed with the idea of re-subbing to LoTRO, and I’ve considered looking at Vanguard or EQ2, just because I never played them (aside from a short stretch in the EQ2 beta before WoW launched). I haven’t gotten past the “toyed with the idea” stage yet, because I think I’m still recovering from massive burnout.

When I opened Steam this evening to check the price of Bioshock ($19.99, sweet), thinking about using it as the subject for a paper I have to write about modernism and post-modernism for a grad school class this semester, I noticed that Sony Online Entertainment put their MMO’s on Steam.

First, it’s a damn good idea, dangling them out there like that, within easy reach of every gamer. Sony got their asses handed to themselves in the MMO market for quite a while, and I think they’re smart to use to Steam to reach a broader audience. Second, I was pleasantly surprised to see the prices (which I think are only good for the first 10 days they’re on Steam, which would be the 26th of this month if they were available the same day as the news item I read). Vanguard and Pirates of the Burning Sea: $14.99. Everquest 2, complete (all four expansions, plus the free adventure packs): $39.99. And you can even get the complete Everquest package, all the expansions ever released, for $14.99, although I’m not quite sure why you’d ever want to do that to your eyes.

Vanguard and EQ2 are pretty tempting at $15, with a free month of gaming thrown in. I’m still feeling the burnout, so I don’t think I’m going to bite, but I think it’s a good opportunity for anyone who started playing MMO’s with WoW, and hasn’t really dipped their toes into the Sony pool. If you’re burned out on WoW and want something completely different, it’s a pretty good deal to check ’em out.

I also noticed Mass Effect is $19.99. I know I’m way behind the gaming curve here, looking at Mass Effect and Bioshock, but I guess that’s one of the benefits of being absorbed with MMO’s for so long. There are a lot of solid single-player games out there that I missed, and they’re available at a bargain price.

I really need a job where I’m getting paid to play games. I can’t even keep up with PC games, and I don’t even own consoles. How the hell would I ever have time to keep up with all the good games out there? I guess the answer involves Powerball, a divorce, a personal chef and personal assistant. Barring that, I guess it’ll just be more nights playing until far too late in the evening 🙂


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  1. EQ2 is a fantastic game. I have a level 72 character (80 is the cap) and some alts, and when I log in, I always have something to do. Crafting/harvesting, searching for “collectibles,” questing, dungeon crawls, instance runs, hunting for nameds for AA, doing heritage quests, and so much more that may sound unfamiliar to you. 🙂

    If you decide to give EQ2 a try, roll a character on Unrest and I will help you get started. Having a guiding hand can make all the difference when the game gets confusing. Like, are you going to be good or evil? Qeynos or Freeport, or Timorous Deep or Neriak? Do you love an evil race but want to be a good class (you’ll have to betray!)? I’d be happy to help! I also LOVE talking about the game. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m Grabthar and Ipswich on Unrest. I’m in an awesome level 80 guild with a fantastic guild hall and I’d love to show you around!

    • Thanks for the offer, Grabthar 🙂 I think I’m still out of MMO’s for a while…the only way to avoid burnout is to take breaks every once in a while…but if I do try EQ2 at some point in the future, I might take you up on it!

  2. ” but I guess that’s one of the benefits of being absorbed with MMO’s for so long.”

    That was my case when I first stopped playing WoW when the first expansion was released.

    And yet again during mid december I tried out some console games and I must say I had my plate full. Lots of good titles were out.. And even though I have tried most of the newly released games I still have yet to try out games that was released early and mid 2008.

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