WAR Mods: Am I the only one not using any?

There’s nothing I like less than patching my MMO client, and then having to spend time patching my mods. I did it in WoW for a while, but I got so tired of maintaining them that I ended up going with just the stock interface.

I haven’t tried a mod yet in WAR. Some people mentioned mail mods that will let me mail multiple items at once, and that’s great, but this is definitely one place where I wish something in WAR works like it does in WoW.

Speaking of that, maybe I’m getting old and my memory is going, but Syncaine left a comment saying that mail in WAR is made better by mods, just like WoW was for four years. It’s been a long time now that WoW’s natively supported multiple items in one mail, without needing a mod to do it, hasn’t it? I haven’t played WoW regularly in over a year, and I remember being able to mail multiple items, without mods, for a long time before I quit playing.

I’m a little hesitant to try out healing addons, because I don’t want to get dependent on ’em, only to have them not get updated right after a patch, and then I have to re-adjust to the default healing style. Ya know? Is it just me? Do you love your add-ons, or do you avoid them at all costs?


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  1. It’s very rare that mods get broken with a WAR patch. With the Curse client, you don’t even need to worry about that unless the mod writer stops supporting his mod as it downloads and installs new versions as they become available.

    Love my mods and love WAR for having such robust support for UI mods.

  2. I’m not using any either. I have plans too… someday.

  3. I try to keep my mods to a minumum, and the curse client makes it so easy.
    Squared as a mod is priceless as a healer. Any other mods are just gravy.

  4. I detest the WAR UI with such a furious passion that mods are a must for me, simply to do the things the basic UI should do (like let me send batches of stuff in the mail to one char).

    Then again, I detest most UIs, for I am the UI Nazi. 😉

  5. I’m pretty anti-mod, I played WoW with a maximum of three and haven’t even looked at WAR mods yet. Too much fuss, I want to get in and play with what the game provides and base my “skill” on that rather than letting something else make it a little easier.

    My boyfriend however is all gung-ho for them, so I should maybe be a little less snobby. Some mods will inevitably get absorbed into the game (and future games), it’s just players filling gaps that the devs don’t have the time to.

    “It’s been a long time now that WoW’s natively supported multiple items in one mail, without needing a mod to do it, hasn’t it?”

    I think so, but I remember returning to the game earlier in the year and they’d expanded that feature even further from the previous minimum.

  6. Yea no mods for me as well. I don’t use mail though, no point in really using the AH in a game where gold is near limitless (which I’m ok with, don’t need a working economy in every MMO)

    As for the WoW mail question, I remember tons of people using a mail mod (forget the name now) for years, and then one patch added most of the functionality of that mail mod to the basic interface. Multi-items may or may not have been part of that, though I remember the mod making it possible to send multiple messages quickly, so I think it was…

    It’s funny how people forget how many now standard MMO UI features started as mods. Scrolling combat text, hotbars, target of target, cast bar, mailbox functions, auction house functions, wardrobe, quickslots, minimap icons, etc.

    That’s one of the things that drives me nuts, people credit Blizzard for coming up with such a polished UI, when in fact almost anything worthwhile was created by someone else, and in Bliz fashion, they just copy/paste and call it their own.

  7. I’m not either, but I’m a tank… I just hit things and knock people away from squishies.

    I tried a WP and immediately realized I’d need some of the healing mods like Squared to do my job. More power to you if you can heal without them. I suck then.

  8. Yeah I’m a tank too, not real mods needed. I had my account hacked in WoW, and ever since then been MOD paranoid

  9. I couldn’t imagine playing a healer in WAR w/o Squared. The default warband/scenario UI is horrible, non-responsive and provides little information.

    You can mail multiple items in WoW w/ no addons now. The only added functionality that you have to go to an addon for is the ability to push one button and open all of your mail and dump it to your bags.

  10. Tell me this doesn’t look way better than the vanilla UI:


    That is sexeh! 🙂

  11. I was using Clean Unit Frames. It seems to be broken with the last patch and the owner hasn’t posted any updates lately. I tried Squared, but am not a fan. It could be that I didn’t set it up properly for my AM though…

  12. I couldn’t live without the auto dismount mod that you can get on Curse.

  13. Squared is, in my UI nazi opinion, fuuuglee — but it is useful. Something a fellow CoW did that I then kicked myself for not thinking of was to make the boxes into rectangles, not squares. Oddly enough, that helped a lot — to me, squares don’t look like fellow players. Rectangles do; go figure. 😀

    @ Syncaine — heh aye, the mod-stealing thing has been around a while and didn’t start with WoW either. I can remember Turbine incorporating stuff that was in Decal (eventually), and that was, like, MMO prehistory.

  14. Bah — in Asheron’s Call, that is. My mind thought it, my fingers didnae type it.

  15. @ Syncaine – the one reason I like multiple mail items is so I can mail a ton of crafting items back and forth with alts working on other tradeskills. I’ll probably designate an Auctionhouse alt, too, who gets sellable items mailed back to them.

    I downloaded zMail, it looks pretty good.

    I also grabbed Squared, and I think that could work for me. I need to figure out a) how to get rid of the default Warband frames (it didn’t have a check box to hide it?) and how to drag the squares around the screen to re-arrange them. Couldn’t figure out how to do that last night, duh 🙂

    @ Snafzg – Ldo like your interface, yeah.

  16. @Rick – you use the default UI customization option to move any element of your UI around. This includes custom mods.

    To hide the default WB frames as well as anything else I would rather replace with a mod, I use http://war.curse.com/downloads/war-addons/details/windowcleaner.aspx

    You need to also install http://war.curse.com/downloads/war-addons/details/libslash.aspx which is also used in a majority of mods out there.

  17. Rick,

    I believe Windowcleaner (addon) will hide the Warband frames. I went into the layout editor and shrunk them and moved them to the side.

  18. Yea I avoid crafting (just cultivate and give the stuff to an apotho buddy) and don’t do much AH stuff, so I don’t have much contact with the mail system. People with alts or crafters will use it more of course.

    I’m avoiding mods just because of the pain with them in WoW, and the inevitable dependency. So far, for my DoK, the default UI does what I need.

  19. If you do not use mods, you are at a disadvantage vs. opponents that do. People spend hours of their life programming these things for free, when they could be playing the game they love so much that they would spend time making the mod in the first place. Get some.

  20. “If you do not use mods, you are at a disadvantage vs. opponents that do”

    And that is why I hate mods. I shouldn’t be forced to go download an addon to be competitive in a game. When I am defeated, I want to know I was beaten by a better player, not an addon.

  21. “I shouldn’t be forced to go download an addon to be competitive in a game.”

    You’re not forced to. However, that’s like saying:

    “I want to race cars but I’m not going to mod or upgrade my car because I shouldn’t have to add stuff to my car to be competitive. When I am defeated, I want to know I was beaten by a better driver, not one with an upgraded car.”

    Fact is, the better player IS the one that uses mods, just for that very reason. A mod doesn’t play the game for you, it makes the game better where the developers were cutting corners by not including it in the first place.

    Take a look at WOW for example. Most of the early stand alone mods were eventually redone by the games developer and patched in because they were clearly a great addition to the systems.

    This is of course all just opinion and you CAN do just fine without any mods at all. My previous post stating the disadvantage may be slightly exaggerated for effect, but the advantage is still there for mod users.

    I can certainly see where you’re coming from though. Being able to kill players and not use mods to do so makes those kills that much more satisfying. 😉 See you in game.

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