Agreement about the little things

I read a post by Risset over at The Inevitable City describing the little things that bother him about Warhammer. He hits on a couple things that irk me as well, and I have some additions. Thanks to Syp, who moved blog locations when I wasn’t looking, for posting the link to Risset’s post…good luck in the new home, Syp!

On to the little things…

Queuing for scenarios: God, I hate not being able to queue from Altdorf, or for T3 scenarios when I’m questing in Eataine. Spot on, Risset.

I also hate that my text box location is never saved when I log out, and every time I log in, I have to move it and re-lock it.

Risset’s right about the auction house. I hate searching for class-specific items and getting returns for items used by different races. I also don’t like that you can’t search for crafting supplies by level. I shouldn’t have to click through 500 seeds if I just want to search for crafting level 75 seeds, or crafting level 125 seeds, or water for apothecary potions between 100 and 150, stuff like that. There’s not enough granularity available in the searches.

And omg, could I please be able to mail multiple items at once now? And could the mail stop telling me that I’m trying to delete a message I haven’t read, when I’ve already detached the item and it’s sitting in my backpack? Really, I’ve read it, I can delete it now. Thanks though!

I’m tired of getting stuck on things. Is it just me, or does your character fail to slide off gracefully when you encounter an object in the world? Is it just me, or can running through a ram to go through recently-broken keep doors be an exercise in futility? Does anyone else try to run under tent poles in the Bank/Flight Master/Auction House/Crafting merchant section of Altdorf and get stuck when it seems like there should be plenty of room to pass through? Is it just me, or do you have to line up doorways perfectly to avoid getting stuck?

These are indeed little things that I don’t really pay attention to while I’m playing, but it does frustrate me. I’m good at ignoring glitches if I’m enjoying the rest of the game, but a little smoother would be good.

Oh, and my Morale buttons are still pretty unreliable. I hate dying trying to get a Morale ability to fire.


3 Responses

  1. On the mailing front, this does the job until Mythic gets round to improving the default UI:

  2. The mail-thing can be resolved with a little addon.. ZMailMod.

    Multipe send/receive and getting an attachment and automatically deleting the mail are no problems..

    Though this could be a standard-feature, if I have an addon that works fine it’s ok for me.

  3. Yea basically all the mail related stuff is mod fixed. Same as it was in WoW for 4 years.

    Morale abilities fire off down to the last half second for me now, its huge. I wonder if you are getting client-side issues with yours perhaps?

    The collision stuff is annoying. As a Dark Elf, it seems our low ground tents are design not as shelter, but as speed traps for characters. I literally get stuck in them just about every single time. That said, it’s probably the price you pay for having collision detection, and I’ll gladly pay it for the strategy it brings to RvR.

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