Speaking of T1/T2 groups…

Pete from Dragonchasers (I think it was Pete?) left a comment somewhere saying that he didn’t see too much talk about people in T1 or T2 on the Casualties forums. That may be true, but the Casualties forums aren’t as chatty as some message boards I’ve frequented (and that’s not a dig, I tend to blog instead of post when I have something to say).

Since the two new classes were released, though, there’s been plenty of T1 action. I got to enjoy some hectic, crowded open RvR in Nordland, fighting between Festenplatz and the Harvest Shrine. It was as good as the old beta fights, with mobs of people on both sides crashing into each other. I didn’t have any performance hitches, either, but I rarely do. I can only think of a pair of keep takes where my machine started to bog down.

I played my Rune Priest again tonight, running with the CoWs who made Knights of the Blazing Sun and various other alts. I hit level 8, and I’m almost starting to feel like a healer again. I have a big single-target heal that I picked up at 8, and a big Morale heal at 8 as well. I have a detaunt, so I can stay alive longer when I only have one opponent on me. I can actually ignore some classes on me when they’re detaunted, and keep healing myself and my teammates. The days of frantically casting my level 1 heal over and over and over and over are done, yay.

Speaking of CoWs, if you played WAR and drifted away, feeling like you got outleveled, the next couple weeks might be a good time to hop back in. The folks who started alts to try out the new classes, or started alts to play with the Knights, are nearing the end of T1 and will be headed into T2 soon. It would be a great time to dust off your T2 characters and join up for some scenario fun, or PQ fun…lobby for your favorite activity 🙂 If you do wander back in to check things out, remember to log into the Vent channel. That’s where the majority of conversation goes on. I think I’m the only one in there without a mic, leaving me feeling decidedly old-fashioned as I type in my responses, but no one seems to care.

I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with their leveling speed, but if they leave my Rune Priest behind, I have alts staggered all the way up to level 31, so I can leapfrog ahead to another character if my RP leveling slows. I guess that’s one advantage of being an ADHD gamer 🙂


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  1. I actually have several T1 characters, but not guilded. I only play them for short periods of time when I need a change in gameplay. My IB will soon be T2 though.

  2. I got my KotBS up to level 7 last night. This is the furthest that I’ve taken an Order character yet.

  3. I don’t know how many other guild forums you frequent but CoW forums are like War and Peace compared to the ones I’ve been on previously.

  4. Hehe. I actually don’t read ANY Warhammer forums, which is quite a change from the old days of EQ and DAoC. I used to be a total forum addict, but all I want to do these days is play the game, and blog a bit. I do a decent amount of blog reading, but nothing compared to my EZboard and VN board addictions back in the day.

  5. Yeah, it was me that said that, but to be fair that was before the new classes launched.

    The 1.1 patch might be my cue to cash in the 60 day time card I’m sitting on, though. It sounds like it’ll make things a lot easier for those of us not in a ‘surge’ of characters. Plus I keep hearing the Badlands has a lot more activity in general, anyway.

  6. Yeah, Badlands is packed to the brim with people now– the major Order and Destro alliances from Bretonnia all came over together (me with them!) and I understand that many folks from Averheim did too. World rvr all day pretty much every day now.

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