WAR: Embracing losing

When I logged on last night, I picked my Shadow Warrior first, thinking I’d check out the new changes from the patch. There were quite a few Knights of the Burning Crusade…err, Knights of the Bloody Roundtab…no, that’s not it…Knights of the Burning Sea? Screw it. There were quite a few Knight alts, and they were getting together to run T1 scenarios.

I mentioned earlier that I might roll a Rune Priest to heal all those new tank alts, and the T1 guild group said they’d be happy to have a level 1 gimpy healer, so I quickly rolled up an RP and joined the scenario group.

Holy cow, T1 scenarios are the wrong place for a level 1 healer in noob clothing 🙂 I knew I was going to be ineffective for a while, and I was right, but man, I had a good time running with the guild group. We lost a lot of scenarios; we lost badly in a good percentage of them. Somehow, people didn’t let it get them down, though, and we laughed and had fun through the entire evening.

When I was a kid, I never minded losing. If I got my ass kicked at Risk or Monopoly or chess or cards, I never got mad and quit. As soon as I lost, I was ready to play another game. It’s a challenge, and a talented opponent means I have to work hard to win, and it’s satisfying when I’m competitive, whether I win or lose.

WAR scenarios give players a lot of opportunities for moral victories, even if you’re getting smoked in the overall score. We’d cheer if we managed to corner a shaman and take him out, pounding him into the dust. We’d take solace in defeating one opponent before the Blackguard zerg with an army of Zealots and DoK’s healing them overwhelmed us. We were underdogs (most of us were level 6 or lower), and I think we reveled in the underdog role.

This happened a lot in DAoC, on my server. Hibernia was a heavy underdog, and my little guild was fairly casual. We’d get rolled a lot, and it was an uphill battle for months before the realm came together as a force to be feared. It would have been easy to quit because we weren’t dominant, feeling like we never had a chance to “win”, but even on nights where little seemed to go our way, there were opportunities for success. Over the course of an evening of RvR, there are many little opportunities to be a thorn in the side of a superior opposing force, and I take great pleasure in challenging a stronger opponent. Well, not directly challenging them, maybe, but harassing them, harrying them, annoying them.

We had a lot of good fights last night, even if we lost more than we won, and even if the scoreboard was pretty lopsided in the opponent’s favor. Someone’s going to lose every night, and I’ve been on the winning side in the past. The only way to get back to the winning side is to keep showing up, and we finally managed to win our last scenario in Khaine’s Embrace. It was a satisfying end to a night of losing. Fun losing! And my little Rune Priest alt is level 5 and climbing.


2 Responses

  1. I know the feeling. In Doomfist last night, we were getting spanked because we just couldn’t push to the flag fast enough to take it. But we cornered several guys, took them out. I booted a nasty 31 caster into our crowd and watched him squirm, and in the end though we lost 500 to 100-something, each of us got around 1k Renown, and 8k XP.

    So even if you lose, so long as you band together and fight, the action is satisfying, and the rewards just as well.

  2. I am having a lot of fun with my new alt, a Knight of the Burning SUN. More fun than my main, a witch hunter.

    At least it don’t die fast. I played some T1 sc the last two days with my knight, it was fun to see an army of knights going to battle. Almost everyone at T1 sc was a kight…

    By the way, now destro are having a hard time at T1. I never won T1 sc so easy how now. Yesterday we conquered T1 Empire two times. And mantained it conquered for long time.

    Basically, it is an Order’s tsunami that is moving now to T2. I guess it will grow weaker before hit T3, but Order armies will have some advantage for some time. Not full advantage, we have lower numbers yet, but knight is a very usefull class to have at warbands and groups.

    I think my knight will be the main now. It is a lot harder to kill my knight and I am kiling destro that are 2 levels above me. My witch hunter is killed fast by destro, so I had real chance only when i was fighting destro with lower level. The problem with witch hunter is that it need choice its prey, attack on surpirse, and it is more effective attacking from behind. So, it need a tank for mantain the mob or destro occupied.

    But yesterday I lose the count of destro I killed at sc and battlegrounds with my tank. Now I have real chances to bring down destro from my level and I can make a good fight with destro 2 levels above me. With a healer mantaining me I think I can bring down any enemy at my level range. Any destro attacking the healers with me near soon discovered I was there for smack him. Goblins tryed to bring me down with arrows, tryng to mantain distance, but eventually I get near for cut them down. Destro with lower level than me don’t had any chance, anyone I found I killed and killed and killed. It is good to see the fear at their eyes…

    It was fun!

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