Academic responsibilities complete

I finished up my paper for my Master’s course today, mailed it off the professor, and all I’ve got left is a final next week. It feels good to be done with the bulk of the work, and it’s one more class down toward my degree.

I’m a shameless procrastinator, and it took far too long for me to actually sit down and bang out the paper. The actual work isn’t terribly difficult; making the time to actually do the work is far tougher. With the help of Pandora and a great Rancid radio station, I got through the writing in pretty short order. It’s a little scary how fast I can knock out a ten page paper. If I put the time in, earlier in the semester, I could have had it complete in a weekend, and I wouldn’t have felt guilty about playing WAR last week and over the Thanksgiving weekend instead of writing. Ah well, lesson learned for next time, although the lesson could be “Go ahead and leave it to the last minute again, all that time thinking about writing helps you prepare!”

Nothing left to do today, except check out a Knight of the Blazing Sun. I’m not actually going to level a KotBS, but I have to take a look!

In other character news, my Shadow Warrior dinged 19, 20, and 21 over the weekend, and my Archmage hit 31. I’m feeling pretty good about the progress on my main, and with only one level left in T3, I think that will go pretty fast between scenarios and oRvR. More top of the tier fun! Same with the Shadow Warrior, and I’m looking forward to seeing the changes for the SW. I really should read a class forum about the SW, because I’m sure there are more effective ways to play one than the way I play, but man, I love a class with a bow. There’s nothing better than raining down destruction on enemy players.

I’m really looking forward to a month and a half of WAR without feeling guilty about not doing schoolwork.


2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on basically finishing up the academic side, Rick! (Well, at least for now, heh.) Any celebrations in order after you do that last exam? 😀

  2. Grats on your school work. I am slowly working on my Master’s degree also (MSIS).

    Way too many new tanks online last night. My poor Sorc was killed many times by Knights. The scenarios had around 5-6 tanks per side.

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