WAR: Love being top of my tier :)

I’ve been playing a Witch Hunter the last couple days, and I hit levels 10 and 11 tonight. I ran scenarios and ran around the Empire open RvR Tier 1 area for a couple of hours, and I can’t remember when I’ve had this much fun playing a video game. It’s gotta go all the way back to DAoC, or early Quake days online.

First of all, there’s the revenge factor. My archmage gets ruined by coordinated Witch Elf attacks all the time. They’re the bane of my existence, and I spent most of tonight getting my revenge. Shaman, DoK, Sorcs, Zealots…give me anything squishy!

I did die a lot during a stretch of scenarios runs where Order didn’t have ANY healers in either scenario group, but we still managed to win quite a few of those. I don’t mind dying; if I can occupy the back rank healers and casters long enough for our groups to make a push on an objective, then my death wasn’t in vain.

Once we got some healers, though, holy cow, I haven’t had a successful run like that in a game in a long, long time.

In one Nordenwatch match, with good healing behind me, I got 18 killing blows and did over 20k damage. It felt like “300” there for a little bit, sword flashing, pistol blasting, Destruction players dropping like flies. That kind of success is only possible with good healing and teammates who focus fire, and we were ripping through opponents like they were paper. I’ve been on the other side of that train plenty of times, and it was awesome to be on the winning side in most matches tonight.

I was also undefeated running solo throught the Empire open RvR area. I took out two Marauders, individuall, both who initially tried to run from me. Bad idea when I can snare you with pistol shots 🙂 It’s also helping me build up my Morale ability while you’re trying to run and losing health.

I also came up on 3 sorcs and a Marauder who were trying to take the Nordland Docks. I had a quest to scout the BO, and I initially thought I was out of luck. The four Destro characters were pulling NPC’s one at a time, and they were much lower level than me…I was 11, the sorcs were 6, 6, and 8. I didn’t notice the Marauder’s level, because I didn’t think I’d make it to trying to kill him. Since the sorcs were low, though, I thought maybe I could take one out before they noticed me and focused-fired me down.

I popped into stealth, positioned myself, waited until they pulled another NPC, and I attacked one of the level 6’s. He went down fast, and I jumped the other level 6. They noticed me, and my health was dropping, but they pursued me right into an approaching NPC patrol 🙂 I finished off the second sorc while the NPC’s ripped up the other sorc and the Marauder. Woot! Single-handedly defended the BO! Well, with the help of a patrol, but hey, they would have died without me!

I’m definitely enjoying this while it lasts. I know what’s waiting for me at level 12 in Tier 2 🙂 I think that’s when it’ll be time to hop back on the archmage and push him to 30.

I’ve seen lots of posts lately about what WAR lacks, and people are leaving, bored, returning to WoW, etc., but damn, what WAR does right, it does better than any MMO ever. Tonight was the most fun I’ve had in a game in years.


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  1. Honestly, this is the reason that levels have no place in a PvP game. I know it’s fun for you now, but in Tier 2 you’ll feel underpowered again… until that brief spark in the last couple of levels where you enter God mode once more…. etc

    And that’s not to mention the fact that for all those other players you slaughtered, fun as it was for you, it sucks getting ganked by a higher level that you don’t have a chance against, regardless of relative skill levels.

  2. Good story. I have a WH, only ~ Rank 8, can’t wait to get him stealth. I need some of that revenge.

  3. Agree with Melf. Or wait til you get to R32 and have to deal with R40+ that have Tier 2 or higher armor.

  4. Oh, I know what’s coming at level 12, or at level 29 on my archmage main, trying to survive in Serpents when I can’t get T3 scenarios to pop, which is why I enjoyed last night so much 🙂

    I don’t necessarily agree about levels determining everything in WAR, though. Yeah, one-on-one, it matters, but in a scenario with a variety of levels on both sides, it tends to balance out. I was on winning scenario teams from level 5-10, and while I wasn’t as effective, I was still able to make smart contributions.

    The scenario buffs level things out enough that it depends more on your team than it does on your level, at least in the outcome of the overall scenario.

  5. Yeah the best parts of WAR – the rvr/pvp – are so flippin enjoyable I can’t wait until mythic fills the rest of the game out around it. They eventually got DAOC right, despite there gaffs with TOA and complete inability to balance classes, so I have high hopes for WAR.

  6. …and dps classes always shine at their highest ranks. But in WAR healers and even tanks still have a role in rvr with the bolster effect at all levels. And even dps classes can help in assisting higher level realm mates. Scenarios rely on team work. Gankers will always need to be top of there tier to be effective soloers. Nothing new here.

  7. Playing a lvl 25 WH. I had a lot of fun running sc at top tier 1 and tier 2. I hope will be a lot fun at tier 3 sc when I arrive to lvl 30-31. After that, more fun only at lvl 40…

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  9. I’m with you on this one! I was running around the same RvR lake last night with my lvl 14 IB. I was repeatedly schooled by a group of lvl 17-19 Destro goons, so it was time to log in my lvl 21 WH lol, enough said.

    Getting ganked does not piss me off too much. I can usually find something else to do in game, like finding another zone or quest. Healing is cheap and sometimes you get lucky and get your revenge on the gankers when they bite off more than they can chew.

  10. You dam witch hunters are the bane of my life!

    There I am quitely healing away safely hidden behind a convienent bush, and next thing I know I’ve got a flintlock taking the back of my head off!


  11. I know this may sound silly but while our server went down our guild rolled some order alts. 6 level 3 naked engineers. We won our scenarios. Who needs heals when you have 6 turrets blazing!

    WAR’s PvP is unlike anything I have experienced. Sure its a bit random trying to get into some ORvR but when its good its awesome.

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  13. I hear ya, there’s no feeling like winning some good RVR grudge matches. At level 32, I do fine on the BW nuking people from afar. However, I do get frustrated when we don’t have healers or we don’t have tanks and/or we have a bunch of sheep who don’t know how to play with strategy. But as a clothie all I can do is suggest and follow. I can’t break off on my own to control the flow.

    However, on my WP I can. I can heal people who have a clue. I can force a play by going in all tank-like. I can shove my way to the back line of healers and force multiple opponents to come and try to stop me. I’ve found that doing that will sometimes show the others what’s needed and we go on to win.

    I’m not much of melee player but man if feels good sometimes to not be made of paper, and be in a situation where I can force/change the direction of a battle.

    Good stuff and good luck on you WH journey.

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