WAR: Random thoughts about PQ’s and PvE

I was queued for scenarios with some guildmates the other night, and nothing was popping. Tier 3 on Averheim seems to be slowing down on the Order side, and I was running PvE quests in Saphery while I was in between pops.

My groupmates were scattered all over the three pairings, and I was wondering about Mythic’s decision to allow people to queue when they were in different zones. I know it was helpful in one sense; it was annoying to have to travel to each other just to group up and queue. However, I do wonder how this decision has negatively affected PvE and Public Quests.

If my whole group had to be in the same zone to queue for scenarios, I think it would be much more likely that we’d be hanging out in Chapter PQ’s. If we were in a chapter PQ, then anyone who randomly wandered by would also be able to participate in the PQ. I think it would have had a positive effect on making the world seem more populated, and it would be easier to make it through all three stages of a Public Quest.

I know that, post-WoW, things need to be easier to appeal to players. I don’t underestimate the benefits of being able to queue from anywhere, but I think there could have been other solutions.

First, I’d have flight paths in every zone. Half the hassle of requiring people to be in the same zone to queue came from when you were in the 50% of a tier that didn’t have a flight point.

Second, I’d increase inventory space, or have crafting components take up a separate tab in your backpack. When you’re questing, you have to empty inventory pretty frequently, and that made it difficult to stay in the same zone.

Third, I’d add support to the mail system to allow multiple attachments in a single mail. I know there are add-ons that will do this for you, to some extent, but it should be available out of the box. If I could hit a mailbox, send my items destined for the auction house to a bank alt in one mail, and clear space in my inventory, I wouldn’t have to leave the zone so often, and I wouldn’t have to worry about being able to queue in different zones than the rest of my group.

Fourth, I’d figure out an alternate way to award the experience you get for finishing quests in a scenario. Part of the reason people stand around warcamps between scenarios is because they want that extra 5k xp for finishing a specific scenario and killing X number of players. Give each scenario quest-giver a writ that they hand out to players, and let the players “record” their completion of a scenario and the number of players killed on the write in the Quest section of our backpacks. Each time you finish a scenario, or kill X number of players, you right-click the writ, you get your xp, and the writ resets.

What do you think? I’m just thinking out loud. Are there benefits to queueing from different zones that I’m overlooking? Do you think it would help the PvE and PQ situation if scenario groups were in the same zone?


6 Responses

  1. Even better would be to have the scenario goals (completion and kill number) function like Kill Collector NPCs. The game tracks how many times you have run a scenario, and how many kills, and at any point, you could cash those all in at an NPC. Would make it a lot more fluid to move between PQs and questing while still playing scenarios.

  2. I don’t think there are easy ways to make/encourage people to group for lower level PVE in an RVR centric game. As good a design as it is, most just don’t care about it, aside from having to do it when scenarios or rvr ain’t popping.

    One thing they could do is make the PQ experience on a par with running a 5 man instance in wow. Because really, the pq are just WAR’s version of low level instance dungeons. Then, people would have the option of leveling via PQs in addition to other means…

    How’s that for some random thoughts.

  3. Syncaine, I think the only trick there would be people saving up all their scenario XP to avoid moving up to the next tier. There’d have to be some sort of tracking that said you can’t run another scenario because your accumulated quest experience would put you in the next tier? I don’t know, maybe that’s not a problem?

    Sam, I think the increased XP and loot from running PQ’s is enough of an incentive IF you have a critical mass of people in the area to complete the second and third stages of the quests. It’s a big if 🙂

  4. Naw it would not be an issue, since you WANT to move on to the next tier. Each tier is a huge jump in xp/rr gain per scenario, so holding yourself back by storing up lower tier scenario credit would actually only hurt the progression rate (which might not actually be a bad thing, depending on what you want to do)

  5. Yeah, good point.

  6. This would be a problem in T3. People would feel they had to stay in the HE/DE pairing because TOR ANROC IS THE BESTEST (arrgh).

    This could be resolved with more flight points though.

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