I got my MTV!

I was the perfect age when MTV launched…oodles of free time, not old enough to drive, old enough to score beer and other…stuff…that greatly increased my enjoyment of the Music Television Network back in the day when they actually, you know, played videos.

I miss the old MTV. I remember arguments about how MTV was killing the music industry, how bands didn’t write songs any more, they made videos and the music was an afterthought…if I had a blog back then, there would have been plenty of epic flame wars.

Personally, I loved MTV. I thought it was a great confluence of music and theater, and MTV was always on in the background of whatever we were doing in high school. Yeah, screw off, I was in like 8th grade when MTV launched. Save me the “Dude, I wasn’t even BORN yet” comments 😉 I know I’m old!

Anyway, I saw an article over on Digg that linked to the MTV Music site, with the entire library of MTV videos available for free online. Wicked. I will be torturing my friends with 80’s music links, and possibly torturing you as well!

Go ahead, browse the site, find stuff you used to listen to (if you’re old enough!). I’d love to check it out!

I’ll leave you with something a little better than my previous link. Trust me!


4 Responses

  1. With your title I had assumed you would show this:


  2. haha, classic!

  3. HA! I remember coming home from work and finding my husband sitting on the sofa, eyes glued to the TV. “They’ve played NOTHING but music videos on this channel ALL DAY!” he exclaimed. Oh yeah, we were hooked from that first day, for a long time to come. Hasn’t been the same for a long, long time. Thanks for the link…I’m getting my “origina” MTV fix right now!!!

  4. I got my first car, my first apartment and started college in ’81 when MTV first aired. It was a 24×7 backdrop and soundtrack to life on my own. It was my alarm clock and my night light. I remember waking up after a crazy party at some god-awful hour of the morning to the that astronaut jumping around with the flashing MTV flag.

    Naturally, my taste in music took years to recover. 🙂

    But at least I remember what I was doing, which puts me one step ahead of George Bush.

    “During a White House press conference Monday, NBC correspondent David Gregory asked Bush whether he supported Israel’s destruction of the Osiraq nuclear reactor in Iraq.

    ‘Ya know, Dave, I don’t remember what I was doing in 1981,’ Bush said.”

    Think he was watching MTV???

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