WAR PvE – One more thought

Why doesn’t zone control matter more? Why don’t I notice zone control as a game element? I mean, I know when Altdorf is threated, but what I don’t really know is how Tier 1, 2, and 3 zones contribute toward that happening.

I mean, I know on a theoretical level that it affects the game somehow, but practically, I don’t think it really matters one damn bit, does it?

My question relates to PvE in the title because I think Public Quests and regular PvE questing contribute somehow to zone control, don’t they?

Mythic really seems to have missed making the connnection between zone control and PvE content. Even the RvR contributions are mysterious to me. I don’t know how many Scenarios are being run, and I don’t know who’s winning more often. All I can see is the Open RvR objectives and keeps.

Is it ever going to matter who controls the most zones? Are we really going to feel it if Altdorf or the Inevitable City are conquered? Is each faction going to care about conquering the opposing capital city in the same way DAoC players cared about controlling the most keeps, so we could open the Darkness Falls dungeon for our realm?

Would it make a difference, at lower tiers, if the faction in control of the zone had big PvE bonuses? Experience, money, etc.? Would it make a difference if contributions through PvE had a larger effect on zone control than Scenarios? Would people begin to realize that putting together one well-balanced group was an excellent way to reap really excellent gear rewards?

It seems there are plenty of people stating that they’re unhappy with the lack of PvE companions. What would it take to get those players together? They’re taking time to post on forums and blogs; why aren’t they taking that time to seek out other players who are wishing they could join up to complete PQ’s or bigger quests? I’ve been in a group that ran PQ’s all night, and the gear rewards are pretty decent. If you’re well-geared, you can get nice crafting items, or just take the cash. Running PQ’s are profitable; what’s keeping the non-Scenario fans from getting together? And it’s not a rhetorical question; I really don’t know what would help people organize beyond what’s already available.

I think after the rush of Open Group availability in the first couple weeks, in crowded zones, that people have lost a bit of faith in the tool. If they check Open Groups and see nothing available, they don’t start a group, advertise it in Region chat, ask in Guild chat, ask in Order chat, etc., if anyone is interested in getting together for an evening of PQ mayhem.

But there’s something more than that. One thing I loved about Dark Age RvR was that the effects of taking or losing keeps was readily apparent. Your relics were at risk, you gained entry to Darkness Falls, your guild got PvE experience bonuses for fighting in the area around a keep you had claimed. I know that I felt pretty invested in how the war was going in DAoC.

It doesn’t appear that zone control matters as much in WAR, at least if you judge it by how much people talk about it. If Altdorf isn’t threatened, I don’t hear anything about zone control, at least in T2 and T3 areas. Is there some way to make zone control matter, and use that to encourage people to participate in PvE as much as they’re currently involved in running scenarios?


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  1. Its like there’s a stealthy difference or something which is the same as no difference made at all. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one.

  2. I’m with you on the zone control. How come when one side captures all the BOs and Keeps, the zone can remain contested? What else needs to be done to get it? PQs I guess? It that process was more transparent I think people would be more engaged with the content.

    And when we do control it, we get that buff and some renown, which is cool and all, but you have to be online when it happens. IIRC from DAoC, if your realm had the buff, you got whenever you logged in for the duration of the time your side controlled the relics.

    “And it’s not a rhetorical question; I really don’t know what would help people organize beyond what’s already available.”

    It isn’t a lack of organization, it’s a lack of warm bodies. That’s my experience at least, in low Tier 2 areas. Maybe I play at an unpopular time or something. I see no one, /region is silent… When I’m playing my CoW character I can ask for help in Guild, but when I’m on an unguilded character, there’s not much one can do beyond looking for people and asking for help over /region.

  3. Zone control gives you Renown, XP and Money-bonus afaik.. So there is also some PvE-bonus, but it’s really small.

    Though I have to agree with you that the process of deciding who controls a zone is not transparent enough. I’m too confused when there is a warband who takes control of BO’s and the keep and the zone control meter hardly moves.

    Most of the points come from scenarios I think ..and just a little from PQs.

  4. One quick fix (but just a start) would be to add a scoreboard to each zone, showing how many scenarios have been won/lost, how many quests/PQs have been completed, and how many points have been gained from Obj/Keeps.

    People love scoreboards, and this would help give everyone a clear and instant update on the status of each zone. Plus you could work in a bonus to xp/rr for completing whatever was the lowest on the board. Say if PQs have been neglected, each completed PQ would have an increased percentage to drop higher quality bags. If Obj have not been flipped in a while, the Hero guarding the Obj has a higher chance to drop nice gear, etc.

    WAR has a ton of varied content, but Mythic needs to find ways to encourage people to mix it up and try it all. Otherwise, you get warcamp/scenario to 40.

  5. The live event in November, “Heavy Metal” should do just that with its daily tasks… but if it works well, I hope they’re prepared to make it a permanent feature.

    Check the Herald for more on it.

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