You can’t tell ANYONE

I’m playing a new MMO. It’s the first MMO where my daughter and I have actually grouped up tonight, playing two different characters. In the past, she’s just run around game worlds on charqacters on my account, only leveling accidentally, leaving the real work of leveling up to me. This game, though, she wants her own character.

God help me, it’s friggin’ Pixie Hollow, from Disney. And the sad part is, once I got over scarring caused by the the character creation experience (it’s about the cutest damn fairy ever, in leafy clothes with lots of jewelry and stuff), I actually found myself falling into total MMO mode. “Oh, we have to collect these materials to make clothes? Ok, I like crafting…oh, you can get even more materials if you play the mini-games? I like mini-games…Oh, there are badges if you complete certain things? I’m a badge whore, what do I need to do?”

It’s a damn shame. It IS a lot of fun to run around with my daughter, though. She was very excited to show me her house, and how she had decorated it, and she was really laughing at some of the silly emotes. That alone makes it worth the Disney post-traumatic stress.

Can anyone explain to me why friggin’ Pixie Hollow can have instanced housing, but WAR doesn’t? Huh? Can you? I can’t explain it.

I’ll let you know when I’ve bought a new leaf skirt and new boots and learned how to sew and stuff. I think the RvR must be at the end game? Or is that FvF? I could use a little Fairie versus Fairie bloodshed about now. I need a drink, a big gin and tonic, and I need some WAR.


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  1. How old is your daughter?

    It’s never too early to start indoctrinating children into MMOs. I’m only asking because I wonder if my daughter is ready. God my wife would kill me.

  2. My daughter is eight. She started watching me when she was a baby, and I was playing Dark Age of Camelot. She’s run her own characters around WoW for a long time, but she doesn’t level. She mostly shops, explores, and doesn’t do much game-related.

  3. So, how old was she watching DAOC? And what did you tell her about it? I have a 4 yr old that has seen some over the shoulder WOW and a tiny bit of WAR.

  4. lol loved the article! What parents don’t do for their children :p

    I did not know about that game, its like an MMO for children? Or is it more light version of a game like web based or something?

  5. My guess is WAR wasted much time on re-designs and starting over.

  6. Soooo, couple more years and she’ll be slaughtering them instead of being them — and in CoW, of course. 😀

    Cuteness may be nauseating past a certain age, but at HER age it’s, like, da bomb. Or whatever 8yos say these days. I had a total Tinkerbell girl crush in those days.

    No laughing.

  7. I’m not laughing, Ysh…at least not laughing AT you!

    Sam, she was around 18 months sitting on my lap watching me play Dark Age. If you remember the horse travel there, it was like a WoW griffon flight, from point to point, but you could dismount anywhere along the route by pressing the space bar. I can’t tell you how many times she dismounted my little Lurikeen ranger in the middle of godforsaken nowhere 🙂

  8. A fairy, huh? Here I’ve been spending my free time pretending to be a knight… only, not in a game…

  9. Playing with family is fun, I play with my bros and my little sister. However, it might be hard for me to force myself to play that particular game 😛

  10. Is there much to do together? My wife and I were flying around together last night, and we did not find any cooperative activities except fluttering.

  11. No, I haven’t really seen anything you can do together, which would be a nice addition.

  12. Toontown was a great way for me to play an MMORPG with my daughter, with the beneift of both playing with others and an incredibly restrictive language filter (because I like to believe in my head that my kids just didn’t know the words at the time).

    The monthly fee is a bit heavy for what you get, however you not only get instanced housing with unlimited, instant teleport to it, you get fishing, decorating, and dress up. My daughter loved it like mad.

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