I want to sponsore your WAR guild

I was busy dying in PQ’s tonight, trying to keep three DPS classes healed during Stage 2’s and Stage 3’s (and doing a poor job of it to boot) when I got a tell out of the blue.

I’m quite an anti-social gamer, I fear. It takes a lot for me to get talking (although once I do, I usually don’t shut up), so /tells make me think “Oh no…”, especially because I have to tell people our guild closed recruiting, sorry, can’t add you, etc.

Tonight was different, though. This random /tell wanted to chat about our guild. We seem like a big guild, we have a keep claimed, isn’t it expensive to claim a keep, how many members do we have…I thought it was leading up to asking for an invite, but no, he wanted to talk about “helping us” with our “guild contrution”, which I think meant construction.

Ahh, an alliance, perhaps? I made something up and told him that our guild wasn’t looking to get into alliances until we get into T4 and we figure out who we’re fighting with.

Oh, no, not an alliance. They want to sponsore our guild. Ok, now I’m intrigued. I tell the guild that I think there’s a deal with the devil in the offing, and a farmer is offering to support our guild. When I asked what he meant by “sponsoring”, he said, and I quote, typos and all, “when you need have some guild’s events or support your keep or more .we could offer some help and provide some gold for free to you”.

I told him thanks, but we have a guild tax, and plenty of money, and I don’t think claiming T2 keeps is expensive anyway. He’s a salesman, though, and says “lol well . we can cooperate on other ways , if you like , we can finaice your website .” I think I’m going to start including spaces before all my punctuation now. Seems like some sort of pre-l337 meme, maybe I can get in on the “space before punctuation” ground floor.

He then says “or your can tell what you need and your ideas , and we can talk about .”

I told him hookers and beer would go a long way toward increasing my level of cooperation, but he didn’t responsore. Oh, actually, he just ignored that part and said “hello?”. C’mon. I know how much money farmers are making. If they can’t lobby with hookers and booze, and maybe a free flight to a Caribbean island for a weekend junket, then I can’t risk my guild’s integrity. I’m easy, but I’m not cheap!

I told him that I don’t think we’ll need that kind of cooperation, and we’re doing fine just playing the game, and I didn’t hear from him again. Sheesh.


7 Responses

  1. Hookers and beer !

    … must remember the space . I want to be leet too !

  2. Was his toon name Don Corleone by any chance?

    LOL. That’s just too surreal.

  3. Which line is for the Hookers? You know us Dwarves, we make our own beer lol.



    Damn, they’re getting desperate. 😉

  5. Wow, man, just……wow! If that was a gold seller, he was the single most aggressive, slick, used car salesman like gold seller of all time. Brilliant of the Guinness variety.

  6. You should have asked for a retainer before turning him down.

  7. ok that is just to funny and im down with the beer and hookers ….. man still chuckling over that

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