Tip for CoW healers

If you’re an archmage or rune priest on Averheim, and you want to rack up some serious T2 experience and Renown, get in a group with Dorgun, Pend, Regex, and Helfire. I was joining scenarios solo last night, and having the usual mixed success with PUG assigments, when I entered a scenario that had those four Casualties of War members in the other group.

Dorgun had been complaining in guild chat about a previous scenario where he wasn’t getting any healing for his ironbreaker. I jokingly said I’d try to keep him healed when I saw him in the other group at the start of Mourkain Temple, but actually, it worked out really well. We dominated that first scenario, and they were kind enough to invite me to their group. We must have run 8 or 9 more matches, and I think we only lost one. Illluminaris joined us near the end, and it was awesome to have another heavy tank in the group.

Dorgun’s ironbreaker and Iluminaris’ swordmaster manned the front lines, Regex and Helfire nuked the holy bejesus out of everyone with bright wizard firebombs, Pend was everywhere with his engineer, dropping turrets, helping with crowd control, shootin’ and killin’, and I just tried to stay alive and heal. The only time we had trouble was when the opposition managed to focus on me, either with tank assist trains or with stealther witch elves popping me from behind. Most of the time, we dominated ball control and kept Destruction on their side of the Temple.

I went from halfway through 20 to halfway through 21 last night, and dinged Renown Rank 17. Actually, I was pretty close to RR 18 by the end of the night. It’s a shame I only have a half-level of Tier 2 RvR left, but I’m excited to see T3 content, especially since most of the CoW’s I just mentioned are pretty close to T3 as well.

I may have been grumpy about WAR’s lack of fluff earlier in the week, but it’s the kind of gaming I experienced last night that makes me love Mythic. I don’t think there’s anyone else like them in the MMO market. It’s difficult to compare them straight-up to other MMO’s, because they’re providing a gameplay experience that no other developer can really touch. And this is just the warmup to the endgame. I can’t wait until most of us are at the level cap, and the whole server really gets involved in zone control and attacking cities and keeps. The RvR we’re seeing now is just a preview. Wait until there’s a critical mass of players all focusing on the same objectives. WAR has the potential for absolutely epic battles, and I can’t wait to see it.

Thanks for the group last night, CoWs! It was a rockin’ good time.


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  1. I play a Rune Priest on Darklands (Oceanic Server) in . Khalid is level 18 right now (and very soon to be 19), and I’ve been hitting the scenarios quite a lot.

    If I sit there healing the ball holder until they die (which they do, it just gets too hard over time to keep them up), and the occasional DoT on the enemy, and we win, I’m getting around 10K xp for the scenario. If we lose, I get from 3K (although I don’t do as much healing if we don’t have the ball).

    Doing scenarios in a group is much more fun, especially if you have some good tanks. I did one scenario on my BW alt, the whole order team was bright wizards, engineers and a couple of white lions… the destro side was all healers and tanks. Very sad.

  2. Sigh.. my guild name got cut due to seeing angle brackets as html encoding… its “The Older Gamers” 😀

  3. Rick!

    Head to the Guild Chatter forums, and weigh in on the Averheim Declaration thread!


    (That’s an Order, or something…)

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