My first WAR gripe

I’m saving you about 6 or 7 paragraphs of long-winded blathering about crafting, market-based economies, a trip down SWG memory lane, player housing, and why I appreciate a nice break from level grinding once in a while. I wrote it, and I couldn’t stand re-reading it.

Let’s just say that I really enjoy how Mythic has distilled the WAR gameplay down into what was best about DAoC, with some great revisions (open groups, public quests, scenarios, engaging Open RvR), but at level 19, I’m still starting to feel a grind to the end game. I’m sure that will change a bit when I hit T3 and there’s a change of pace from the same three scenarios, and T3 RvR looks OK, but I’m restless.

I’m not going to bash Mythic for not including a deep market economy, or player housing. They picked the MMO elements they wanted to include, and I think they’ve been largely successful in providing us with a fun experience. Still, I’m missing a market economy, and a house. Those elements help draw me into a game. With what seems to be a limited crafting model and no housing, all i have to do until 40 is kill, kill, kill.

Ya know, I wouldn’t have minded if WAR didn’t have levels, and didn’t have a zone progression. Start us all at 40, or at 1, and let us gain skills as we gain Renown. Right now, even in a big guild, people are scattered all over, and most people seem to be running Scenarios over and over because it’s good xp (Mourkain Temple in T2, especially, quick games, good xp, good renown). The public quests are emptier as you move further out into the T2 wildlands, and I know I feel restless running and running and running between Ellyrion and the Shadowlands. A mount next level will help, but man, I wouldn’t have minded a flight point in every zone. Is that an RvR concern? Trying to make access to keeps a little tougher, to give attackers a little extra time before defenders arrive? Dunno, but I’m tired of running ๐Ÿ™‚

If I’m feeling this way at 19 with my first character, I wonder how it’s going to feel by the time i get to alt 4 or 5. I’m not sure the “seeing content I haven’t seen yet” theory is going to work for me…moving through the High Elf lands isn’t all THAT exciting the first time through.

A friend of mine in WoW leveled up three characters at once, making sure the one he was playing always had rest xp. I might start doing the same thing.

Is it just me? Am I the only feeling like this? I haven’t burned myself out yet. Shoot, I haven’t even had time to play as much as I’d like, but when I do play, it’s feeling a little grindy.


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  1. I do that. I have 3 alts I rotate in and out. I do that because I love so many of the classes. Even tonight I kinda feel like playing my Shadow Warrior. Remember though a lot of MMO’s start out like this.

    They always add the super cool flavor stuff later. Like LOTRO, EQ2, and SWG all have.

    I always look at how my dad, at age 63, plays WoW. He plays each character to 70, on a rested bonus rotation, and then QUITS. Doesn’t raid, he never does 5 mans, he just levels, plays the auction house, and then plays another class.

    He never once complains. I don’t know how he does it honestly

  2. Well the newness is starting to wear off for a lot of players. In a game that was never touted as an amazing solo PVE game I have a feeling a large number of players are spending increasingly more of their time doing just that… I know that I sure am.

  3. I’m already feeling the grind just trying to get PQ. Especially since there’s never anyone around to do “public” quests with. Chapter 8 and up the loot gets pretty good and useful.

    I always figured it would get more grindy later. Yeah scenarios are fun now, but what about the 10,000 time I do them on my 3rd alt, because there is noone around for PQs or world RvR?

  4. I’m off scenarios for a while; I get bored with them.

    My biggest complaint is also the PQs. I feel like I no sooner cap Influence in one Chapter then POW, next Chapter is here and I have to start all over again.

    It goes fast in a group but even at lower tiers now (I’m playing 4 or 5 characters at once) its tough to find a group.

  5. you not alone. Hudson and I have three chars also, but that can almost sap my momentum more. Really though T2 needs to be more .. fun. and I hope T4 was worth waiting for ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Missing certain elements that aren’t present in a game doesn’t make that game bad — it just makes those elements absent. I’m enjoying WAR (despite some really weird slooooowwwwiiingg down in the second half of T2, as so many other people have noted — that is, if you don’t scenario 24/7)… but I miss fluff.

    I miss fluff dreadfully. Housing, real markets, real crafting, all the stuff that USED to be considered important in games and now, for some reason, are being abandoned more and more quickly. Probably because they’re a pain in the ass to implement and they don’t involve phat money shots of people chopping each other’s heads off. I mean, there’s only so many people who will ohhh and ahhh over a new item of housing deco.

    I’m one of them, but I suspect I’m going to have to learn to do without. If anything, I think we will see less and less fluff in games as they pare down to become more and more like console FPSs just with more people.

    Now I’m all depressed.

  7. I don’t want to take away your small bubble of optimism, but T3 is worse in that respect at the moment than T2.

    The reasons boil down to:
    a) not enough players… I think / hope this is because the player base hasn’t reached T3 yet, and this will resolve itself soon
    b) everyone who is there, is playing scenarios, and they’re only playing one of the SIX scenarios, and it gets really old really fast (even if I’m an ironbreaker, who as you’ll discover has the most fun on that map due to knockbacks + lava). I’m hoping they’ll fix this map, and I’m hoping the new “queue all” button for scenarios will diversify things there
    c) the open RvR mechanic sucks… best we can hope for is that they devise good ways to get players involved in that over the coming weeks

    I felt the grind pretty much the exact same time that you did, and am unable to motivate myself to level up past the mid 20’s grinding scenarios anymore. I’m currently toying around with alts, including rolling destro characters on another server. I’ll probably buy another month’s subscription to see how things pan out, but if things aren’t fixed I’m going to give it a few months until they are.

  8. The grind in WAR is what has made me glad that some real life things have come up to keep me distracted. I still enjoy WAR and I want to continue enjoying it. Like any relationship, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  9. Wow, Ysharros, that IS depressing… I love fluff too.

    I did notice a slowdown at the top of T2 and I’m reading that there aren’t enough quests in T3… but I’m not bored yet. I’m out of town this weekend and missing playing. Missing it a lot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. A combination of multiple characters and guild events is what keeps WAR fresh for me. Honestly not once have I logged in yet and been bored, if anything there is still TOO much to do, and when I want to log in and just quest, I end up dragged (ha) into a Keep raid, scenario group, or PQ event.

    The real problem is WAR is still growing. This whole ‘lower tiers will be empty’ thing is wrong. T1 was THRIVING last night on Thorgrim, and even on the destro side scenarios were popping within 5-10 minutes, too fast to fit an a PQ between. They just announced 750k accounts, and that number will continue to increase, as new players continue to file in. No need to rush to 40, plenty of action to be found in T1, and early T2. Those at the high end just need to wait for everyone to catch up and fill in the spaces.

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