*#$! VirginWorlds!

Last night in WAR, I was standing at the bank window knee-deep in crafting materials. I’m working on Cultivation and Apothecary as my tradeskills, and there’s just a ton of material, far outstripping my available bank space. I usually have to spend quite a bit of time grinding up skills to clear out everything I’ve gathered.

As I was click click clicking away, half-reading guild chat, I get a /tell from a name I didn’t recognize, asking if an officer from the guild is on who can invite people to the guild. As a guild founder, I’ve got lots of privileges that I honestly haven’t used. In fact, I hadn’t actually added anyone to the guild before last night. There are usually officers on who are quicker on the draw than me, and since Casualties of War closed recruiting a couple weeks ago, I didn’t even think we were accepting new members.

When I got the /tell, I started asking questions, because I know there’s a process to follow, and I didn’t want Genda mad at me because I was inviting people willy-nilly. There’s a cap on the number of people you can have in a guild in WAR, and I know we’ve got a ton of players toward that cap. New applicants are supposed to apply on the forum, and when they get moved to Invite status, they’re supposed to get a pass phrase that lets other officers know they’re cleared for an invite. This person didn’t know the pass phrase, but they said that Genda said it would be no problem.

Ok, that could be…I figured I’d check the guild forums and see if Genda left a note, or to see if I could find the applicant’s name. Nope, couldn’t find anything there, so I started into my spiel about how recruiting had closed, and I didn’t think I could add anyone without checking with Genda.

The person asking for the invite was polite, but persistent, and I started to get the feeling that they weren’t making up the story. I asked in Guild chat if anyone knew the character’s name from Thorgrim, the CoW Destruction server. Nope, nobody recognized the name, and when I said the applicant didn’t know the pass phrase, most people thought I should wait to add them. That made sense to me, and I was about to tell the applicant that, when he asked if this was the guild of bloggers. I said yeah, and he said his real name was Brent, and Heartless would know about this also.

It seemed like too much of a coincidence, so I asked if he was a blogger too. Yep, he was. I asked for his blog address.

The reply came back “Virginworlds.com“.

Nice! I just spent the better part of 15 minutes torturing the person who is responsible for a ton of traffic to my site, as well as a lot of the other CoW bloggers, and MMO bloggers everywhere. I’m sure I’m off the feed list today!

My apologies, Brent. We’re happy to have you with us, even if WAR is dead on arrival. If it’s any consolation, future newbie CoWs will benefit from your travails; I have a much better sense of how to manage the in-game Invite process now πŸ™‚ To make things worse, it was Alt night last night, and a lot of Destruction folks were asking to add their alts so they could run T1 scenarios together. After Brent’s torture, three or four Thorgrim folks had their Averheim alts added. I was imagining him thinking “Look at all these other people getting guilded! Why the hell did he put me through the wringer?”.

He’s playing an Archmage. I’d bet there’s a “Oops! I didn’t quite get to heal you time!” in my future πŸ™‚


11 Responses

  1. Oh man. You are soooo not getting rezzed in the far reaches of a battlefield. LOL

  2. There’s a pretty simple process to follow to get into the guild.’
    1) Ask on Vent
    2) Use the passcode in the forums

    I could easily send you a tell saying I’m Brent from Virginworlds. Anybody could.

    I wouldn’t sweat it. In fact, I think if you’d just accepted what some random character told you at face value, *that* would be a problem.

    Besides, I thought Warhammer was total crap? (According to that site.) Why is this dude even playing?

  3. Brent must be bored with his Java browser games!

  4. LOL, let the hazing begin!

  5. Rick, I had one of the alts you added.
    From my recollection you made me do password and then checked to make sure we had no more than 3 guilded toons. So it’s not like we just waltzed by.

  6. Wow, who was he in-game, Rick? I was too caught up in T1 mayem to notice the new invite.

  7. Yeah, he was pretty darn public with how crappy WAR was and that he’d once and for all judged it. Be pretty funny — ironic, almost — if he came on back.

  8. Well, on subsequent podcasts he said he’d give it another go, so I’m glad he’s doing so!

  9. Giving it a go. I’ll be chasing red names this weekend. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the add. Archmage sorta interesting so far.

  10. I would have done the same thing and I probably would have needed the password or for him to get on Vent. Sorry, but the rules apply to everyone, no offense Brent. If you bend it for a celeb, then people might become offended.

    That being said, nice to have you with us Brent.

  11. celeb?

    /attempts to knock Oakstout back into the real world where podcasters are just people with a warped sense of self importance and some extra time on their hands.


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