Bitching about Tobold’s free account

Are you fucking kidding me? I read this over at Lum’s, and I’m astonished anyone is complaining about Tobold getting a free WAR account.

Let’s get this straight. Tobold’s blogged heavily for 5 years now. He doesn’t have any ads on his site. He’s paid a lot of cash in subscriptions for various games, and he’s given thousands of degenerate game addicts like myself countless hours of free content to digest and discuss. He’s thoughtful, he’s dedicated, and he’s a big contributor to the unofficial MMO gaming community.

$15 a month is going to buy him? Look, I don’t know Tobold. He may be easy, but I can’t imagine he’s cheap! Do you think for one second that he’d modify his content, fearing the loss of his free account? Ridiculous. Moreover, do you really think Mythic is going to mail him and say “Hey, we’re giving you a whole $15 a month, you BETTER say nice things!”? If y’all think that’s a sufficient bribe, you’re so not cut out to ever consider a career in politics. Just sayin’.

Jeez. How about congratulating the man? If anyone in the MMO blogging world deserves a little coming back his way, it’s Tobold (or Brent, but I’m pretty sure that Brent already works out of a secret lair in Tahiti, surrounded by gorgeous island women provided by Sony 🙂 ). Enjoy your massive, world-changing windfall Tobold. Let us know what little island you’re going to purchase, now that your monthly bills have been so drastically reduced! Clearly, you’re indebted to Mythic and EA forever. When do you have to publically admit that Madden and US football is superior to that “other” football that only 3 billion people in the rest of the world prefer? I’ll expect to hear you and Jeff Green talking about it together on an upcoming “EA Whore Podcast”. Sheesh.

When you consider the money the US government wastes every year, it’s astonishing to me that people are going to take the time to bitch about Tobold and his $15. Could our priorities get any more fucked up?


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  1. Amen, man. Amen.

  2. People like to complain!!! But ya it just 15 bucks i don’t get why people get so worked up over it.

  3. I’m still trying to find out who is complaining about it. Was it at Tobold’s site in the responses? I missed it. Seriously, I only noticed like one negative post. Most people are congratulating him or else they don’t care at all. Personally, I think he deserves it.

  4. Got a chuckle from the fact that they sent him the wrong one anyway. He’s in the EU and it was a US account? MOAR RESERCH!

  5. @Ethic – Lum’s post made it sound like more of a scandal (anything with -gate appended SHOULD be a big scandal), but yeah, the comments are tamer than I expected. BTW, I loved your reason for not accepting anything yourself! That’s pretty honest about how it would affect your writing. Me, I’d be willing to bite the hand that feeds me. Shoot, I blog because it’s fun. If it became too much like a job, I wouldn’t want to do it any more.

    I once got an offer to write for a site, and passed because it suddenly made me feel like this would become a job. I guess that’s the same reason I haven’t put ads up yet. I may do that someday, but I wouldn’t feel beholden to the advertisers. It always amused me to see bad game reviews right next to ads for the game in magazines 🙂

  6. I don’t think this is a scandal, but it is definitely something to think about. The real potential “corrupting” influence is not the $15 a month that buy someone. No, the potential “buying” comes much later.

    The problem comes a year from now, when the account has maxed out characters – characters that have hundreds or thousands of hours on them. Ultimately, this account is not owned by Tobold. It is owned by Mythic. So then, when maybe he has become disenchanted with the game, or they dropped some nerfs he’d really like to slam them for… what then?

    I am not saying he’d be biased. I am not saying it would change his overall view. But I do think this is the sort of thing that can at least soften or influence someone.

    Can any of you hard core raiders out there imagine how you’d behave if your online postings carried with them the *possibility* of your raid characters being taken away from you?

    Food for thought, at the minimum.

    (P.S. The fact that there are “more important things to worry about” is irrelevant. Otherwise we shouldn’t be blogging about or discussing games at all as long as there are starving children or sick people in the world.)

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  7. I agree, it’s completely ridiculous. Especially when you consider how much money could make if he put ads on his site or wrote for a commercial gaming site.

  8. It is obvious the reason why mythic would offer him the subscription. Tobold is fairly slanted to WoW and WoW is the giant clobbering all other MMO subscriptions. This way he has not much reason to avoid playing WaR and “if” he happens to write anything about WaR it is in place of a WoW article… that right there is WIN.


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