I’m not dead yet

School has started, which means I’m helping faculty and students by day, and I’m taking a grad school course at night, “U.S. Foreign Policy in a Troubled World”. Great professor, great reading list, little time for gaming at the moment!

I’m kind of laying back anyway, waiting for WAR to start. I was approaching WAR Hype Overload at the end of the Preview Weekend, and the whole “Brent says WAR is DOA” thing got a little exhausting. Gary Gannon and Ryan Verniere had Brent on their new WAAAGH podcast (Where have I heard that name before?), and I thought they did a good job of exposing why Brent felt the way he did, and countering his opinions.

I tend to agree with Ryan and Gary much more than I do with Brent, but I do understand where Brent is coming from. I think that because MMO’s launch so slowly, we’re hoping for bigger changes than we get. Shoot, I should probably break this into a longer post when I have more time. If I get time this week, I’ll write it up with real links and stuff 🙂 Back to reading until then!

I’ve played a little Eve lately, running a mission or two when I’m too tired to keep reading, but not tired enough to sleep. Making money, training up Large Turrets V (23 days, nice).

I also caught the Lord of the Rings trilogy on TV a couple weekends ago, which always makes me fire up the orginal Battle for Middle Earth to stomp around with the Fellowship. I don’t usually enjoy RTS games, but BFME is easy enough for an old man like me to keep up 🙂

Hopefully, this break from WAR testing and talking will have me rested, refreshed, and ready to go when the game launches in a couple weeks. I really can’t wait to have a character that’s MINE, all MINE. And I’m definitely looking forward to the madness that will be the Casualties of War 🙂


4 Responses

  1. Casualties! Yaaay! (Crowd goes nuts)

  2. Someone needs to inform Gary and Ryan how to say WAAAGH! Because it is annoying to hear them say “wag” like a tail.

  3. …Yet.
    dun dun DUN!

  4. One would think they would pick it up once the game goes live and you create an orc/goblin. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of hearing WAAAGH in game.

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