Why no posts after the NDA?

So, yeah, I complained for a long time about how I couldn’t wait for the NDA to drop, and when it drops, I don’t post.

I thought a bit of an explanation was in order. First, I agree with Brent, and WAR will be Dead on Arrival.

Haha! Kidding!

Seriously, I’m getting my ass kicked at work, and home’s been a little crazy as well, in a mostly-good way. My eight year-old daughter has a couple weeks left before she’s back in school and going to bed earlier, and she and I have been hanging out in the evenings, playing games, going for bike rides, getting ice cream, playing cards, stuff like that. I just haven’t had the time to really sit down and write.

Second, the market is flooded right now, and I don’t have time to read what everyone else is writing to ensure I’m not saying what’s already been said. Tobold has a kickass post called “What’s the Difference” that does a great job of showing the different direction Mythic chose in their design. I think he’s right on the money stating that WoW is more conducive to solo play, and WAR really does encourage community. The best part of DAoC for me was the community, and it seems like Mythic is emphasizing that even more in WAR.

Third, I want to let the reactionary hate die down a little bit. I don’t feel like arguing with people who have already decided WAR sucks just by reading blogs, and not getting a chance to play WAR for a while. I didn’t like WAR when I first played it either, it took a bit for my eyes to open to what Mythic’s really doing. In their defense, it shouldn’t take new players as long as it took me last winter; the game has improved by leaps and bounds since then, primarily graphically. The core components were already in place; I just had trouble seeing them through the clunky old beta graphics, and jumping in to testing at higher levels, instead of growing a character from the ground up. It should be a lot easier for open beta and Preview Weekend players, especially with so much information around about how to play. I went in really blind.

Lastly, I’m a little burned out on starting new characters in WAR. I’ve restarted characters so many times in the closed beta that I’m not sure I have the energy to start a new one for the Preview Weekend, and then start one for Open Beta, and then again for launch. I may pace myself a bit and play Eve and relax until launch, or maybe until open beta. I’m really looking forward to a character that I’ll own and be able to keep, and looking forward to meeting people who will stay on my server, instead of losing track of friends each time the closed beta wiped and reset.

Hmm, this is a damn long post about why I’m not posting ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll let you get back to your regular WAR reading now!


14 Responses

  1. oh and

    Gencon 2006 I hated WAR also, thought it looked stupid and it played like garbage.

    Amazing what a difference makes while a game is worked on

  2. I just thought you’d been kidnapped by Mythic (along with Syncaine) for bringing to light that everyone could still read his post before the NDA dropped.

  3. Your daughter will only be 8 once! (Yeah, like you need me to tell you that.)

    I’m playing LOTRO these days to try to keep my mind of WAR. Like you, I’m tired of starting characters and getting them wiped, and tired of spending 10 minutes setting up the hotbars to templated characters every time I play.

    I’m going to try to resist the lure of WAR until Headstart, but we’ll see.

  4. I R Ninja. Mythic cannot kidnap Ninja.

  5. And lol Pete, I have icon overload, trying different classes, trying to figure out what icons I should be using, in which order, on which bar…ugh, I’m so over it ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s not a problem when you start a character at level 1, but the higher level tests made me nuts after a while ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Best thing is probably to wait to post anyways. Or post about some other game you want to talk about.

  7. Yea seriously what a joke. You break my balls about the NDA, and then it’s silence blog time. Psh!

    Being serious, I agree on the whole lossing characters deal. It’s the main reason I’m playing now in a very limited way, only testing the systems and seeing which class I like. Skipping all the lore and exploring and all that.

    That said, RvR is still damn fun, even at the lower ranks.

  8. No offense, but I still have 50 odd posts in Google Reader that seem relatively WAR based. Of course a surprising number of what I have gotten through is all pointless rage at Brent, so it’s possible that the signal to noise ratio is rather high.

  9. @ Syncaine – hehe, yeah, I’m the anti-Syncaine. I’m still under NDA! You’re right, though, that level 1-11 RvR is a friggin’ blast if you get a critical mass of people out there.

    @ Sara – Ya know, I’m not that mad at Brent. I think I understand what he’s talking about. I don’t agree that WAR will be DOA, but when I first played WAR, it didn’t click, so maybe he’ll have a change of heart.

    And maybe he’s just tired of this type of MMO. Even though it’s unique, I can agree with his points that it’s still first generation. He’s seen something in the upcoming Sony offereings that reallly has him fired up. Instead of being mad at him, I’m kind of excited to see what has him looking forward so much. Until I see what’s so cool about The Agency and Free Realms, I can’t bust his balls too much…although I don’t think he’s hit the cool parts of WAR yet, and there’s hope for him yet in this generation.

  10. @ Sara – Oh, and the title of this post is directed solely at me, not at everyone else. There’s tons of WAR posts after the NDA dropped…just none from me yet ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. I only started playing WAR near the tail end of CB, but my first impression was “huh, this is it?”. Like I was expecting something truly revelutionary. But I stuck with it and before I knew it, I was having fun WITH other people!
    Right now I’m trying out Eve for the first time in order to keep myself away from WAR until launch.

  12. What are your opinions on realm imbalance?

    How are they going to deal with that?

    Blogging about Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds:

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