Syncaine’s a dirty NDA breaker!

Haha, I saw that! It’s still in my Google Reader, lol.

With the NDA down (it is down, right?), lets finally start talking WAR details.

I tried to click through to the actual post to disagree about the NDA actually being down, but the post is already gone. Google says there were 8 comments, I’m guessing someone beat me to it.

Man, could they drop the curtain already? I’m with you, Syncaine, what the hell is the hold up?


10 Responses

  1. Syncaine can’t talk right now. Mythic has him all tied up for the moment. πŸ™‚

  2. That was funny, he had a great long article up about the Tome of Knowledge then BOINK gone. I know the feeling I had three post set to go off at 8am this morning and had to retime them all

  3. I’ve got 2 ready and waiting. One for PQs and one for the Tome as well.

  4. I saw it too πŸ™‚ Was pretty funny. Looks like the marketing ninjas have him hostage.

  5. I’ve been considering a switch from Bloglines to Google Reader recently, and this is one of the reasons why… Unfortunately, Bloglines couldn’t cache the feed quick enough and I missed it!

    Boo… hiss.

  6. NM, Google Reader has it cached even if you add a subscription from scratch! πŸ˜›

  7. One word; FeedDemon.

  8. Syncaine, if you read this.

    I wrote my article BEFORE reading yours, though it seems we think a lot alike.

  9. I wrote it, hit save, and actually had it on publish status. Oops.

    I’m sure lots of blogs will post somewhat related stuff. No big deal, and totally expected. I’m sure some of the opinions and such will be unique, so still all worth reading.

  10. bah, I did the same a week ago, but I felt so bad people didn’t mention it. Seriously, I felt pretty ill all day even though I deleted the post within minutes!

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