Eve skills: What am I missing?

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m stumped. I’ve read the guides, checked the Eve-O forums, done some googling, but I still can’t figure it out.

In Halada’s “The Complete Miner’s Guide“, he’s talking about fitting out a Retriever, which I recently gained the skills to fly. He mentions fitting a Mining Laser Upgrade, which I also have the skills for, and he says that Mining Upgrades 1 should suffice (along with Electronics V because of CPU requirements). I have Mining Upgrades III, working on IV, and Electronics V, and I can’t fit the Mining Laser. MLU’s impact your CPU, and I don’t have enough CPU left to put the module online.

Is there another skill I’m missing that would be reducing CPU requirements and letting me fit the Mining Laser Upgrade?


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  1. i dont belive there is any other skill to increase ur cpu only thing left is either cpu upgrade or a cpu implant

  2. You shouldn’t be having an issue installing a good named MLU. The CPU penalty for the MLU goes down as the quality of the MLU goes up, so you want the highest quality that your willing to pay for(and of course lose).

    It’s completely understandable that you can’t fit a MLU1 on a retriever with 2 strips. Noone can.

  3. Ahh, ok. Thanks phoe! Mystery solved, I’ll check the market to see what the least expensive named module is that’ll let me fit an MLU.

    I actually checked the named variations, but I stopped when I noticed the CPU requirement for the named versions is a little higher than the standard version. I failed to check the CPU penalties, though. I knew I was missing something, and I appreciate you taking the time to post 🙂

    Halada makes it sound so easy!

  4. hehe, you can do what everyone does: Fit a CPU in that 2nd low slot first, then slap in the MLU. You won’t get 2 MLU’s in a Retriever, but even 1 helps out.

  5. Ahh, even better. Perfect! I think I have a Cargo expander in there, which I don’t really need. I can’t fit two cycles of ore in the hold anyway, so I might as well do the CPU/MLU. Thanks Letrange!

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