Why the WAR clone tag is meaningless

A light bulb went on above my head while reading Syp’s post about the inevitable WoW/WAR comparison. I had just finished up my evening of testing WAR, enjoying every minute. Gary Gannon’s intial WAR impressions (my previous post) were still fresh in my mind. Somewhere in the middle of Syp’s post, I realized what Mark Jacobs, Paul Barnett, and Josh Dresher have likely known for quite a while now.

It doesn’t matter if people compare WAR to WoW. It doesn’t matter if fanboy rage fans flames faster than an Los Angeles wildfire. It doesn’t matter if the games look similar, if Blizzard ripped off Warhammer, if Mythic’s copying WoW. Mythic is smart to stay above that entire discussion, and do you know why?

Because their game is going to make money. Serious money. A lot of people are going to have a blast in WAR. More subscribers than WoW? No, but who cares? WAR is fun, and it’ll be very profitable. And, most importantly for the folks at Mythic, I suspect, is they’re making the game they wanted to make. Their vision of how WAR would play will be fully realized. They didn’t have to copy WoW to be successful. They had different ideas, a different vision, and they’re going to realize that vision. WAR is going to be kickass fun for a lot of people. And it is going to make money.

I think Mythic has known this for a long time. I think they knew exactly what it would take to bring the game to launch, and I think they knew what was required to make a successful MMO, a different MMO. They know it’s no clone. They know what’s unique about their game. They’re confident, they’re happy with what they’ve made, and man, I hope for their sake they have a percentage of the profit 🙂 It just doesn’t matter if people want to argue it’s a clone. It’s fun. It’s a winner. It’s a money maker. It’s Mythic’s game. And soon, for a lot of us, it’s going to be our game, too.

And for those who don’t enjoy WAR, or don’t enjoy it as much as WoW? Like Tobold, perhaps, who’s not a PvP fan, and enjoys the excellent WoW PvE content? Yep, they might try WAR. They might drop it in favor of WoW and the Lich King expansion, and to me, that makes total sense. Know why? Because WoW and WAR aren’t clones. Two games, both well-crafted, both with different goals, and it’s very likely that both will be very profitable. And who knows? If the WoW expansion fever wears off after a few months, maybe we’ll see players returning to WAR after leaving for WoW after trying out WAR. There’s a lot to like in WAR, and it’s different than WoW, and I think it’s going to be a great success for Mythic.


4 Responses

  1. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to say for months. Both very good games, not clones, but with the same formula that all MMO’s have just implemented differently.

    It will make lots of money and word of mouth paired with a semi bug free launch, should be enough to make any fanboy happy. I don’t think Mythic has anything to worry about as long as the launch is strong and delivers on excellent game.

  2. I agree. I’m at the stage where I *want* to play both games. I may end up choosing one over the other, though I kind of think having both available will be just what I need to fill in for times when content feels a bit dry or stale.

  3. Exactly. That’s how I feel about WAR and Eve, I’m hoping they complement each other well, and satisfy my urge for Something Completely Different when it arises.

  4. I agree. When gamers consider which game studios have been successful, they vastly underrate survival as a metric. Any MMOG that didn’t rock MMOGCharts is a failure, even if the massive game still has a loyal following and is making money.

    If WAR is decent or better, it will have enough players to survive. Honestly it could be ten times worse than WoW and still survive.

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