Retriever: Obtained

New ship! Since I was pulled back into Eve Online last month, with CCP’s 14 day free offer to try their Empyrean Age expansion, I’ve been mostly mining and trying to decide what I wanted to do next in the Eve universer.

For most of my Eve career, I carefully pointed my skill points toward combat. I had listened to warnings that you don’t want to spread your skills too thin and gimp yourself…jack of all trades, master of none. While I have a decent combat base for flying everything up to battlecruisers, and I’m almost able to fly interceptors, with a fairly well-rounded skill set, I was getting a little restless.

Plus, I’ve been busy with work. Lots of writing, lots of research, lots of time that made mission running difficult. Mining, however, was a perfect companion. I was running my Scythe cruiser out to the asteroid fields day after day, and the light bulb finally went off. I needed a new skill direction.

A couple weeks later and I’ve moved from mining in a cruiser to mining in an ORE ship. It’s quite amazing how much the Retriever can gulp down in a 3 minute cycle, at least compared to my mining cruiser. I’m going to keep pressing on toward a Hulk, and try to finance it with mining proceeds while I continue to skill up.

And man, it’s not a pretty path for the skills. 13 days for Astrogeology V? Ouch. Mining Barge to level V? I’m not quite sure how long that’s going to take, as I haven’t quite finished up Barge IV yet, but it’ll be similar to Astrogeology, I suspect. And I might as well bump Mining to V as well, that’s only a few days more training. Exhumers III for the Hulk will seem like a walk in the park.

Fun stuff, though! Mining has been a good companion activity while I’m chained to my desk at work this summer.


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  1. Oh yeah, I did that skill path last summer, reaching for a Hulk.

    The problem is, after all the work, when you get to the Hulk and finish off the last few skills to help with yields, there is no place else to go with it. You get sucked in to how much more ore you can mine and how much more ISK you are making with each bigger, better ship.

    And then you’re done. No more increases for you.

    So start thinking about your next career before you finish up the skills for this one!

  2. Ahh, good, I’m glad you brought that up. I was trying to figure out exactly how far the mining path goes, and I was beginning to suspect what you’re saying.

    I’m OK with that, actually. There are a lot of other things I’d like to train, even getting back to combat training, so I’m happy with getting to a solid mining level and then figuring out where I’m going next.

    Being able to inhale large amounts of ore will always be a handy skill, though!

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  4. “. Mining Barge to level V? I’m not quite sure how long that’s going to take, ”

    Ermm… you *are* using EveMon, aren’t you? No need to wonder – although with some of those long level 5 skills, ignorance can be bliss.

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