Warhammer: Why pay full price?

Over at The Book of Grudges, spinks is talking about the difference between playing an MMO at launch, and playing an MMO after it’s been out for months or years.

A while back, I asked why we should be paying full price for MMO’s. Tabula Rasa’s price dropped dramatically in the first few months. I got LoTRO for $19.99 about 10 months after launch. Vanguard’s free trial…oh, wait, that holy mess still hasn’t offered a free trial to let players in to see “improvements”. I ain’t payin’ for McQuaid trash, sorry. Let me in for free if you suddenly believe so much in your re-designed game. If it’s that good, the subscriptions after the free trial will reflect it.

Sorry. Sidetracked. Vanguard still gives me hives.

Anyway, I was feeling like I wasn’t missing much by skipping recent MMO launches. In fact, I felt like I was saving a lot of money on so-so MMO’s by waiting for the price to drop significantly.  spinks had some good reasons for wanting to be in at launch, though, echoed what mbp said in the comments of my post. He said

  • because there is nothing like the first heady days on a new server in a new game
  • because the noobie zones are crowded and groups are easy to get
  • because the internet isn’t saturated with wikis and help sites yet and people have to work things out for themselves
  • because your discoveries about the game world actually feel important and not just stuff that a hundred thousand other players already know
  • because the game community is new and fresh and eager to talk about their new obsession. People will read your blog posts about the game and reply to your forum posts
  • because this honeymoon period doesn’t last very long for most games. Perhaps until the first hardcore players hit the level cap

Those are all great reasons, but they only apply to games I care about. I didn’t care so much about LoTRO or Tabula Rasa (or Vanguard, clearly), or Age of Conan.

WAR, though…you know I’m in the closed beta. Warhammer will be the first MMO I’ve been in at launch since…wow, has it been since World of Warcraft? I think this is the first MMO to get me excited enough that I don’t want to miss all the good things mbp posted, or spinks posted.

I’m absolutely planning to be there first day. I think, barring usual MMO launch issues, that Warhammer is going to be a lot of fun in zones packed with new players. It’s going to be chaotic. It’s going to be somewhat of a unique experience, given Mythic’s new game elements (Public Quests, RvR Scenarios and open-world PvP available from the very earliest levels). It’s something I don’t want to miss. It’ll be crowded and messy  and fun, and I hope the servers stand up to the load 🙂


6 Responses

  1. Well I think also it depends on how many friends you have going in with you to the game. In other games I had no one going with me. In WAR I have an entire cadre of buddies leaving WoW so I paid for full price and head start collectors

  2. Not only do I not want to miss the rush of beginning the new game, but there’s so many of us bloggers headed there too that I’m hoping we can all get on the same server and raise some hell.

    It’s good times to come.

  3. I considered both the swag in the CE and the extra time to get used to the game aaaand the honeymoon period all well worth the money dropped. Heck I even bought a second one for a friend so she could join in too.

    As for bloggers raising hell together, I direct you to Boathammer for the BloggerGuildOCrazy scheme

  4. I was just thinking about this; I don’t think I have ever paid to play a MMO where I didn’t get a chance to see if I would like it first for free — either from a beta or a free trial.

    The main reason I didn’t play AoC, apart from having an unappealing IP which can be summarised as “a pretty poor schwartzenegger film and some nigh-unreadable pulp novels'” was the high end hardware requirements. I didn’t want to shell out on a game only to find that it ran like a dog on my PC.

  5. Let’s see, I was in first day for EQ, DAoC, and WoW. That might be it.

    I’ve played pretty much all of the triple-A MMO titles since then, and quite a few B and D list games as well, but I guess I was absorbed in one of the first three games and didn’t feel compelled to jump in first day on the other games.

    Maybe that’s part of my first-day WAR excitment, too. Other than Eve, which I’ll probably keep playing even after WAR launches (or set a long skill and take a break for a couple months), I’m not interested in any MMO beyond WAR. I need a new fantasy home.

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