Boathammer’s WAR blogger proposal

Boathammer (I want to know how you came up with your name!) posted about WAR bloggers possibly trying to choose the same server when WAR is released, or at least trying to play together during open beta (whenever that begins). While he’s not overly sanguine about the chances for success, ( saying it “is insane (I like that) and won’t work (don’t like that)), it’s always a fun discussion. Herding cats, MMO-style.

Someone else did mention this for WAR, and Syncaine and I have discussed it for Eve bloggers as well (although Eve is already well-established and there’s only one server, so really, we can just pick a channel to chat in…Crazykinx suggested “The Drone Bay” channel, without the quotes, which I really need to join…sorry, tangent).

Ever since Everquest, I’ve had absolutely terrible luck trying to recapture the magic of in-game friendships in new games, or internet/discussion forum/blog relationship in new games. I’ve met great people in every game I’ve played; it just seems like I don’t carry those relationships from game to game. I blame myself, my attention span is too short to watch Short Attention Span Theater, but I’ve watched other focused and competent people fail miserably trying to come to a consensus on server choice, or actually succeed on choosing a server, but then discovering your relationship is far different when you’re actually playing a game.

For me, I probably wrote more in this post than I do in a week of playing an online game. I’m oddly silent playing games (and I can be like that in real life as well, until I get to know someone), and I’m sure that’s jarring for people who might have expected me to contribute to guild chat the same way I blather on in my blog.

Actually, perhaps they’re grateful for the silence. Another tangent, but I’m not exploring that one without my therapist.

Anyway, I’m definitely in for an open beta blogger’s guild. If it lasts through release, that’d be fine with me. I don’t have any firm plans for release yet; it seems WAR hasn’t really hit the radar for most of my old guilds.

I prefer Order to Chaos, but I’m flexible for open beta. It’d be good to know the capabilities of my enemies when launch day rolls around.

If anyone else is up for it, post over at Boathammer’s blog, and think about names!


19 Responses

  1. I am going to join the guild CORE and go order, not sure what server but basic ruleset no full PVP for me

  2. Hudson, I, Bildo, and some others are working on a plan to play Order together. Not sure if we’ve come up with anything yet πŸ˜›

    I am fiddling with a WAR-themed blog to form a WAR blogging army. I’ll increase my effort and start inviting some people over maybe.

  3. As the two above said, we’ll be there.

    If not in open beta, the idea to stick together and try to get all our respective parties on the same server is there. We just need some way to communicate.

  4. Syncaine mentioned this “bloggers on one server” idea to me the other night, though I think he just wants to kill me. πŸ˜€

  5. I’m hoping they’ll have two DAOC style “RP” servers (stricter name policy, no OOC chat in world channels). I’d go Order on one and Destruction on the other.

    But I haven’t heard anything yet on server names or rulesets.

  6. @Wilhelm – haha, no doubt! Dying with friends is more fun than dying alone, although I’m not too sure about dying TO friends.

    @ Grimjakk – That would be a great solution. I think I might mention that in my Cat Herding posts over the next couple months. The trick would be getting all my acquaintances on the SAME Order server…but killing friends could be a darn good time too.

  7. I’m going Destruction (IT’S DESTRUCTION NOT “Chaos”!!!) on a Open RvR server. Too bad you pansies aren’t rolling Order on my server. 😦 I want to make you eat my WAAAGH!

  8. I still can’t decide if I will be Order or Destruction. The Witch Hunter is a class I really like, and I’m working on finding my favorite Destruction toon now. I want to play on the underdog’s side though, but will that be Order or Destruction???

  9. @Keen – Amen, brutha!

    During open beta, I wouldn’t mind joining a server with other WAR bloggers but once the game releases I am leaning towards open-RvR and Destruction.

  10. Haha, did I say Chaos? Who cares, they’re the bad guys! It’s the Chaos Gods, the Chaos Army…and we have to call them “Destruction”? Bah, I say. Kill them all!

    See, Keen’s already messing up the blogger plan by going gobbo! Herd that cat!

    Open RvR server…*sigh*…I’m leaning more toward Core myself. I liked that there were areas that were off-limits to PvP in DAoC. I liked being able to decide when and where I wanted to PVP.

    So now I’m the cat going in the wrong direction πŸ™‚

    Brent, tough to say who’s going to be the underdog, it might vary from server to server. Right now, the forums seem to indicate that Destruction is more popular, but that might just be because early adopters are craz…I mean, inclined toward evi…err, enjoying Destruction.

  11. Oh! And I’m totally down with the a Hudson/Bildo/Heartless guild too, that’d be a blast!

  12. sorry, I’ll be on an EU server or I would definitely sign up

  13. I’m certainly be on board for this, and hey bloggers on either side will be a good thing. Instant guild vs guild fun.

  14. I am making a goal to find a good mature guild in WAR. I find the best times I’ve had in an MMO are a result of being in a good guild.

  15. I am for 2 opposing guilds so we can get different viewpoints on the battle.

  16. Grinding Greenies beneath iron shod boots and starmetal rune staves is considered a viewpoint?

  17. I don’t think going Open RvR is the wise choice for those interested in a challenging game play experience.

    From what I know so far, Open RvR servers are going to remove some things that will make it very annoying to play on them. For example, you still can’t travel to lower tiers and fight on Open RvR servers as the chicken mechanic still exists. Open RvR servers will be far more punishing to players and all for the sake of gaining an extra few yards to chase their enemies into a warcamp.

    Core servers will offer the true vision of WAR as intended all along and I think players will find Core servers to flow far more cleanly and be less annoying. Trust me, players will spend a lot less time confused on what they can/can’t do on Core servers.

    WAR is very RvR focused, regardless of server type. Those going to Open RvR are mistaken to think that Core servers will be safe havens and Open are lawless lands with killing everywhere. Both Core and Open will have massive RvR occurring and for the casual observer, there will be no way to tell the difference. The difference will be felt by those players specifically trying to exploit the Open RvR servers for gain (aka the gankers).

    Personally, I have no problem playing on either, but am on hold with that statement until I get more details on Open RvR. Right now, Open RvR is looking to be a pain in the ass, and far from the openness that the title implies.

  18. In what’s becoming a surprising trend, I agree with Heartless_ here. I think the best RvR will be found on the Core servers and that the Open RvR will wind up being a massive reason to throw your keyboard across the room.

    As for a Hud/Heart/Rick/Bildo guild… we’ll have to e-mail back and forth and see what we can do. I know Hud’s got himself a guild in mind, my AoC guild is very organized and possibly moving into WAR, but honestly I’d just as quickly form my own guild with you lot. It’s be nice to try and build something like that with like-minded folks.

  19. Just as arbitrary I will play on a EU server. But if some WAR bloggers would want to play on a EU server I would probably be interested. And if you all end up on opposing sides, just enjoy killing each other πŸ˜‰

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