Further defining geekiness

I ride the train to work every day. It’s about 30 minutes each way. When I first moved here, I didn’t think I was going to enjoy commuting. I used to have a 3 mile drive (about 12 minutes through the city), so my time was doubling.

Turns out, that hour of relative peace and quiet has turned into about my favorite time of day. I’ve got a Samsung i760 phone with podcasts, music, and Bubble Breaker (it’s an addiction. Stupid game). I’ve read more books in the past couple years than I had during the time I was driving to work. And now, thanks to a post over on Raph Koster’s site, I have a ton of free books that I can read on my phone.

Raph posted about a giveaway over at Tor Books. To promote their new site and mailing list, they were giving away e-books. Now, I could hit a used bookstore and pick up plenty of Tor books for cheap, but that’s not nearly geeky enough. No, I noticed Tor had books in Mobi format. I didn’t know what Mobi format was, so I looked it up. Naturally, once I realized what Mobi is, and how cool the free Mobipocket ebook Reader is, I had to have it. And then I had to download all the free books from the Tor download page.

I know I’m a dork, but I had a really good time reading a book on my phone on the way home today. It was, like, WAY COOLER than just reading a paperback. And I have like 15 books in the phone, and it weighs less than one book. Sweet. I kinda like reading in the small format. It makes me focus on the writing a little bit more than having a big page in front of me. I inhale books, especially fantasy and sci-fi stuff, and I’m guilty of skimming parts of paperbacks. With the small reading window (which is really easy to read, just smaller than a book), I feel like I’m paying more attention to the story. That might fade, but I don’t care, because right now, it’s COOL.

Plus, if you scroll down below the free books, they have a ton of free desktop wallpapers from Tor book covers.

And the last moment of serendipity was the front page news story at Tor. It happened to be an interview with Jim Butcher, who writes the Dresden Files series, which I’ve been told I should be reading. They aren’t free dowloadable books, but maybe it’ll spur me to grab one of them from the university library and check it out. Anyone read Dresden files books? Any good?


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  1. Well, Dresden books, I kind of know a lot of people involved with the Dresden RPG and they originally gave me the first 4 books. I liked them but didn’t love them.. but having said that, I’ve read every one since 🙂 So they must be ok, right? They’re a fun romp, but I have authors I like more.

    ps. I get the Tor downloads too and got really excited when one was a BSG novel. I love ebooks, I’ve been reading them for years on my Clie.. makes reading in bed much easier, as I now have a backlight.

  2. um.. does that make me a geekgrrl?

  3. I used to use Audio Books (cd) and enjoyed them very much. Not as geeky as e-books, but something 🙂

  4. I read the first one and it was very good. I’ve not read another only because I got hooked on the Southern Vampire series, by Charlene Harris which is awesome.

  5. I’ve read the first four and am now reading the fifth. My spouse has read all of them. I didn’t love the first one, but since then they have really picked up. The action is very fast in them, no down time at all.

    Here’s my review of the first one, remember, I’ve liked each one better than the last:

    I also enjoy the Southern Vampire series mentioned by Oakstout, but I don’t think you would. You might like Simon K. Green’s Nightside books, very outlandish similar setting to Butcher’s.

  6. Whee, thanks for the tips! Lisa, I’m curious why you think I wouldn’t enjoy the Southern Vampire series?

    Thanks for the input, everyone.

    Arbitrary, should geek be gender-neutral?

  7. I think it should! I’d much rather be a geek than a geekgirl.

    (on a separate note my friend at Comic-Con commented on the number of hot geek chicks there. I definitely don’t want to be a geek chick!)

  8. Who wants to be any kind of chick? Man, talk about an outdated Starsky and Hutch/Three’s Company term.

    Geek it is. Blanket geek, no qualifiers.

  9. btw, just got ticket for Comic-Con 2009. I intend to be a definite non-chick while there!

  10. I’m rather put out that I completely missed this giveaway. Serves me right for not reading more blogs.

    That said, I’m a huge fan of Jim Butchers stuff. The Dresden Files are very entertaining I think.

    I wonder Arb if I should go stalk the RPG creators, I’m already on the mailing list 😛

    So folks, did I miss any good sci-fi books?

  11. It’s the best of the sub-genre of fantasy that I typically hear described as “urban fantasy”. Jim Butcher does a great job of keeping his books fast paced and not too unrealtistic. It’s such a good combination that they even tried to turn it into a television show on Sci-fi. Unfortunately, they tried to cram an entire book into some episodes and it came off too fast based and jarring.

    The Southern Vampire series gets its chance on HBO this September so you can also watch it and get an idea if you’ll like the books or not.

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