Eve Online skills – branching out

I’ve been back in Eve for about three weeks now, after CCP sucked me back in with their offer of two free weeks for players who had unsubscribed. It was a fortuitous offer for me, because I was planning to come back anyway while I wait for Warhammer to be released. So, two free weeks, and I’ve been enjoying my time in space.

I’ll get this out of the way first: I haven’t tried Faction Warfare yet, and I’m not sure I will. I might join and fly some Tech 1 frigates for fun, but so far, my return to Eve finds me more interested in mining and exploring the universe. Signing up for a militia is going to impact both of those things.

I’m sitting just above 13 million skills points. Up to this point in my career, I’ve been pretty single-minded about skill training. It’s easy to get distracted by a variety of career choices in Eve (combat pilot, miner, industrialist, etc.), and I decided early on to focus on combat, so I was good at one career before I started another. I was in a corp back then, and felt like my likely path would take me into combat.

That may still be true one day, and the skills definitely benefit my mission running, but I think I’m going to branch off strict combat skill training for a little while. A survey of my skills found me close to a few other options that I think I’m going to explore.

First, I’m not too far from being able to fly a mining barge. I trained up my mining skills so I could mine in a cruiser with Eve University last year, and it’ll only be a couple weeks to get me into a Retriver. I’m not sure that I’ll go hardcore miner beyond that, but at the moment, I find myself enjoying the laid-back lifestyle of Empire mining. Real life is busy, and the peacefulness of a little mining op appeals to me.

The other thing mining affords me is a chance to read up on skills and figure out what I want to be learning next. I didn’t realize how close I was to being able to fly a Covert Ops ship, for example. I’ve got all the pre-reqs out of the way, and all I’d have to do is buy the Covert Ops skills book. I’ll also need the Cloaking skill, but that won’t take long to train up to IV.

Since I’ll be training cloaking, I’m considering some suicide runs out of Empire space. I’ve spent virtually my whole Eve career in high sec, and I think I might jump clone out of my implants and tour the universe for a while. It might be a brutally short trip, but that’s OK. My med clone is up to date, I can afford to lose tons of Tech I frigates, and I feel like exploring.

I’m considering a move to 0.0 after my mining and hauling skills are updated (mining as I pointed out earlier, and I want to be able to fly a Mammoth, which is only a level or two of Minmatar Industrial training ahead of me), so I thought getting a taste of low sec and no sec might benefit me in the future.

I’ve been checking out the corp recruiting thread on the Eve Online forums, and it’s possible that I’ll try to find a corp that could use miners who also have some combat skills trained up. I’m not ready to move yet, but I can see it happening at some point in the next month or two. I’m generally a lone wolf in MMO’s, but the idea of sharing and defending 0.0 space with a corp is appealing to me. I really enjoyed territorial battles in DAoC, and I’m definitely curious about life beyond high sec. I’d like to be useful to a corp before I head out there, well-rounded, so I’m planning out skills for the next month or so, and then I’ll think about making a move.

I’ve got more to write about Eve’s skills and how much I’ve enjoyed just sitting and reading what’s available and contemplating career paths, but work is calling me, and I really should wrap this up. More later!


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  1. You should look up Black Lion Legion (BLL), that’s my current Corp, and so far I’m really impressed. All very nice people, the CEO is super active and accommodating, and they schedule mining Ops regularly. They also have a lot of skilled pilots who are willing to help with missions.

    They don’t do 0.0, but they have some low-sec and 0.0 connections. I figure it would be a good home for you while you prep for 0.0 (something I myself am also considering). We are in Amarr space, HQ is in Hahda.

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