Unintelligent Design

Tipa’s exploring the evolution of MM(embry)O’s today on West Karana.

She sums up her entry with the following:

Virology and genetics can tell us a lot about gaming evolution, I’m guessing. Evolution? Yeah, I went there. I think we all can see these games are not a product of Intelligent Design.

Au contraire, Madame Tipa. You may be one of those new-fangled “evolutionists”, thinking MMO’s evolved from video games about monkeys, throwing barrels down a ramp that a little guy has to jump over….wait, that line of reasoning may be faulty.

Let’s try this again.

You claim there’s no Intelligent Design. I say, screenshots or it didn’t happen. We true believers have our own ideas about the Creation and Divine Origin of the modern MMO. As evidence, please view Exhibit A:

They didn\'t even need a rib.


4 Responses

  1. lol…. I’ve been pwned…

  2. SS or it never happened is still so full of win.

    The included pict however contains nudity, and so this blog must be banned from the blog-o-sphere of general gaming, and into AoC-blog-land.

  3. I’m definitely shooting for the M rating. I think it’s under-represented in the MMO blogscape.

  4. Breasts are under-represented in that painting.

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