Diablo III in an MMO world

Is it just me? Everyone seems so excited about Diablo III, but I’m not really that wound up about it.

I played Diablo and Diablo 2, of course. It was fun the first time through, it was OK trying a new character, but for me, it got old really fast. I’ve reinstalled and played since, and it gets old even faster.

Can the simplicity of a Diablo game model hold up years later, given the growth in complexity we’ve seen in online worlds since 2000? Is furious clicking and endless monster bashing and continuous loot drops and upgrades going to hold gamer interest for more than once or twice through the game? How much fun will multiplay be now, since we’re used to so much more complexity in our MMO’s?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not expecting the game to suck. It’ll be polished and well-made and the cinematics should be awesome. I did enjoy playing Titan Quest, although I ended up at the same point there as I did with Diablo and Diablo II…bored before I finished the game, and I haven’t replayed it since.

It’s possible that there’s just not enough strategic depth in the Diablo series for my tastes. That simplicity might be exactly what people enjoy, though. I just wonder if gamers, especially Blizzard fans, have been conditioned to expect more depth following years of WoW in the MMO world, and if they’ll spend as much time in multiplayer Diablo III as they did in multiplayer Diablo II, when other online options weren’t as varied or in-depth, and MMO’s weren’t yet as mainstream as they are now.

Or maybe there’s not as much crossover between action RPG and MMO fans as I imagine. Maybe there are plenty of Diablo fans who couldn’t stand the time investment necessary in an MMO, and they’ll flock to a simpler game, like TF2 players.

Anyway, I know I’m not all that jazzed for it, but I’m sure Blizzard was asking these same types of questions when they decided to pursue Diablo III. It will be interesting to see what answers they came up with, at least!


8 Responses

  1. The fact that Diablo 3 will be more entertaining than most MMO’s has me stoked

  2. Remember they also decided to go after it nearly 4 or 5 years ago according to Jay Wilson, the lead designer.

    At that time, WoW was just getting going or even still in beta. I think the desire to rework Battle.net into a true gaming network is one of the driving forces behind D3’s creation.

    That and also, yes… some folks do love the simplicity of such games now and then. Myself especially. Occasionally, it’s just really nice to boot up and get that absolutely instant gratification compared to the time it can take to accomplish anything in an MMOG.

  3. You summed up my thoughts Rick. I’ll probably play through it once or twice, but don’t expect it to be a slow burner.

  4. Your points are valid but this isn’t Diablo II. Just by looking at the video I can tell they are combining the old and the new to create a fresh point and click RPG system. It appears as if Blizzard is combining the simple point-and-click interface with interactive environments and monsters who can do more to kill you.

    Plus Blizzard said that the storyline of Diablo III is one of the pieces that they are devoting alot of attention to. This is natural due to the fact that video games need good plot to survive these days.

    We all have to remember that the last Diablo came out in 2001…and that was an expansion! Alot has changed in the industry, no doubt. But I have enough faith in Blizzard to know that they can implement an older game model with current technology to create a fresh and invigorating world.

  5. Bildo, I agree that sometimes simple is good. I tend to think that it’s just a genre that doesn’t hold my interest for a long time, but I have to remember that’s OK too. Not every game should be played for a year. And based on what Hudson said, not every MMO should be played for a year, either!

    @ Chuck – You’re right that I left out the storytelling. That could be the best part of the entire experience, and potentially well worth my short attention span with action RPG’s.

    @ Hudson – Your comment made me laugh 🙂 I don’t necessarily agree (we might have different interpretations of entertaining), but yeah, a tight, well-written, fast-paced game might be more entertaining the first time through than some MMO’s.

  6. WoW might actually help Diablo III, since I’d imagine a ton of happy WoW players never played the either of the preceding games.

    It’s also a game that would go well with WoW. There’s (presumably) no subscription fee, so you just pay 50 bucks once. And the easy items and neverending monsters will be a nice break from WoW.

  7. I think the biggest draw card will being able to play a decent RPG multiplayer without having to pay a continual fee to do so 🙂

    I cant wait for it to come out.

    Any way feel free to download the Trailer from here http://koolgamerz.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=50&t=22

  8. I’d say there’s no shortage of people who still play Diablo 2.

    Now, if they could streamline their Multiplayer so it’s possible to create a game with PvP completely DISABLED …. I would enjoy a ‘shelter’ from people who think it’s absolutely hilarious to just go kill random people without having to limit my games to 1… which is no better than playing offline. Essentially, a way to gather like-minded people who just wanna group up and smash away at Diablo’s minions without having to go into alert mode everytime someone joins the game.

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