Vacation withdrawal

I’m on day two of my vacation, sitting in the hotel at dinnertime after seeing Niagara Falls today. I’m all about being outside, natural beauty, family time, etc., but as I’m enjoying a beer while the kids clean up after swimming, I’m totally jonesing for WAR or TF2.

I’m not pathetic. I wasn’t thinking about dwarven engineer gun turrets while I was on the Maid of the Mist this morning. I wasn’t thinking about strategies for rune priests in RvR while we were exploring the tunnels behind the falls. I interact with my family, I talk about things other than games, I didn’t smuggle single-player games on my laptop to play every spare minute. But when I put my feet up after a long day of fun, I want to be doing it at my desk with games in front of me.

I have to confess that when my wife wanted to take a nap and the kids wanted to go to the pool, I offered to level up my daughter’s Pokemon on her DS while she was swimming 🙂 Really, I’m not pathetic. I can quit any time I want to. It’s just that we picked up the free Deoxys from the Gamestop before we rolled out of town on vacation, ya know? It’d be a shame to let it sit at 50 until vacation is over, wouldn’t it?


2 Responses

  1. Shh… there, there. It’ll be alright.

  2. You sound like me.

    I look forward to the down-time when I can play a game but I won’t volunteer that info to my family lest they think I don’t enjoy their company or something.

    On the contrary, I enjoy spending time with them more than anything else. I never will cut short an activity with the family to play a game.

    Now, when the kids are in bed and the wife is watching one of her shows on TV, I will start to yearn for some virtual entertainment, and try to find a way to manuveur to the computer. She often gives me grief about it because she considers “watching TV together” as spending quality time with her….

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