Can’t get much more random than this

So, I’m “working on a paper” this afternoon, listening to iTunes and writing/researching stuff, and Guitar Wolf’s “Fujiyama Attack” comes on. I love Guitar Wolf. So, instead of staving off distraction by diving back into my research on ADHD (irony much?), I go searching Youtube for Guitar Wolf videos. Their songs are like 2 minutes each, I figure it’ll be a quick study break.

Then, I found this little bit of brilliance. One of the two comments on the video calls it “strangely awesome”, and I think that’s a perfect description.

Take a video camera. Film people eating extremely sour candy. Edit their facial expressions and add “Fujiyama Attack”. Indeed, strangely awesome. And completely random.

You might enjoy it more if you’re stoned. I’m not. That reveals something about me, I fear.


One Response

  1. Guitar Wolf rules.


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