Why I don’t get tattoos

When I was a kid in college, I had ample opportunity to tattoo myself with whatever symbol/theme/thing I happened to be into at the moment. I went to school outside Philadelphia, and Philly has a ton of wicked tattoo parlors. High-quality artists, lots of people with seriously interesting ink on their bodies.

I always hesitated, though, because I didn’t trust my ability to choose a design that I wouldn’t think was a friggin’ stupid idea 3 years later. Thankfully, that self-knowledge is the reason I don’t have Grateful Dead dancing bears or skulls on my body, or some Chinese characters that don’t really say what I thought they said, or that headshot of Winona Ryder. Some people see cool and recognize that it’ll look good on their arm or back or leg 30 years later. Me? It’s a dangerous idea. I always told myself that my “great ideas” needed at least a six-month waiting period, to see if it still seemed cool. Somehow, they never did, and I’ve remained ink-free.

That’s why I simultaneously love and fear the Eve-themed computer cases. Want. I’d love the Minmatar case. I’d be so geek-happy setting that up next to my desk. But…how long is it going to be cool? Would it turn out being dumb like tattooing your shoulder with your Tauren warrior in epic gear, only to realize 10 years later that you hadn’t thought about WoW in 7 years? Or worse, having the new WoW expansion launch and realize your epic tattooed gear has poorer stats than green drops in Northrend?

At least the Eve cases aren’t permanently inked onto your body. Although, hmm, I can think of some pretty cool Eve tattoo ideas…check back with me in two years. If I still think it’s a fine idea, maybe I’ll go ahead and do it 🙂

2 Responses

  1. You and me both, Rick. There have been a couple of times over the years when I briefly thought about getting a tattoo, but in the end I never did.

  2. It’s going to be hard to resist getting one of those new Empyrean Age Minmatar rank symbols as a tramp stamp 🙂

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