Searching for trouble in Age of Conan

Hey, for those of you playing Conan, how’s the performance? If you’re reading AoC forums, what’s the general opinion? My blog has been getting hit pretty heavy since the 18th or so (the day after the pre-release access for AoC started), and my top 10 searches that brought readers to my page all have to do with Age of Conan performance. Here’s an example of searches I’m seeing:

  • age of conan problem/problems
  • age of conan video settings
  • age of conan lag
  • performance issues age of conan
  • problems with age of conan
  • age of conan settings

Are there that many people having trouble with performance? It could be typical for new game releases. The one drawback of PC gaming versus consoles is the need to muck around with your system to maximize performance. And maybe I’m getting a lot of hits because posted about performance quite a bit during the open beta.

Then again, Funcom did try to go top shelf with the appearance of the game. Maybe people using last year’s computers are searching for a little extra oomph to push the graphics a little further.


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  1. Ive installed this game on all the computers at my hosue (i build PC’s) just to get a grasp of the issues. Ive noticed that you cant actually play the game on mimnum requirements. Atleast, not without skipping or hopping in battle. However, I have a computer that is dual core 2.4 ghz, Geforce 7200 512 SLI, with 2 gigs of ram that handles it beautifully.

    However, the biggest problem I have, is you cant turn off the grass and foilage even if you select to do so. The grass and foilage alone cause the most lag. And they never go away. Other than that its beautiful.

  2. I can run it on medium with my AA set to X4 and I get around 28 – 40FPS.

    Thats on a 2.4 Dual core, 8800GT 512mb and 2 gig of ram. I’m pretty happy about the performance. It runs and looks better than EQ2 did. Even with the settings I have it just looks fantastic. The character animation is strange to look at, but not as plastic as EQ2. Over all I’m happy with its performance.

    Now if they can fix a few of the small issues and get the classes balanaced out then everything should be great.

    I won’t say its a WoW killer but its a close second in fun.

  3. I’m not sure any game has character animations that aren’t a little strange to look at. That whole “uncanny valley” thing at work, I guess.

    Your machine is pretty similar to mine, and it sounds like your performance is close to what I was seeing at the end of open beta. I’ve got more video RAM, but on older cards (two 7900’s in SLI), so you probably get a bump on me there.

    I’m curious what big sieges will be like, with tons of people on screen at the same time. I’m wondering the same thing about Warhammer. That’s tough to design for.

    I never really expected AoC, or any game on the horizon, to be a Wow killer. I don’t think Funcom expected it either. You’d have to be smoking crack to base success on achieving WoW numbers 🙂

    I’m glad you’re having fun. I didn’t think it was a bad game, even though I’m not playing it. Shoot, if you’re just asking for small issues fixed and class balance, that’s not a bad launch.

  4. Oh, and @Chris…I’m surprised you can’t turn off the foliage! That’s usually a huge performance hog. Either Funcom thinks they figured out how to load it without affecting performance, or it’s an odd decision.

    I remember seeing SW:G for the first time on a powerful computer, and thinking “Damn, it’s pretty when you can see foliage in more than a 25 foot radius around you” 🙂

    LoTRO’s got heavy duty foliage too. Beautiful at full pop.

  5. I have an AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor
    201 Ghz 2.00 GB of Ram
    2048.5 system memory
    ATI Radeon 9550/X1050 series

    and i cant even get past making my character till my screen just goes black and nothing cant close the game, any advice?

  6. I’m not currently playing AoC, so I’m not sure my help will fix any release client issue, but I did some googling and found this page, which may help out?

    If you google Age of Conan black screen, you get a lot of hits.

    In the beta client, there was a config executable you could run out of your Age of Conan folder before you logged into the game. I had black screen issues then, and I had to set the graphics to their lowest setting before I logged into the game. That got rid of the black screen issue, and once I was successfully logged in, I could change the video settings to anything I wanted. I don’t know if that program still exists in the released client, though. I’d check out the fix linked above, and keep googling or checking known problems on AoC message boards. Good luck!

  7. I’ve installed it on my main rig and my secondary rig, main rig:

    2GB ram (corsair middle range stuff)
    Gforce 8800GTS 512
    Core 2 Duo E6420 (2.13Ghz)
    Decent Seagate HDD

    Secondary rig:

    1GB ram (kingston middle range stuff)
    Gforce 7600GT (256MB)
    Athlon 3000+
    Asus A7N8X
    Decent Seagate HDD

    I have just done a fresh clean install of XP Pro on both rigs, minimal stuff on both, just office and what not. Updated all drivers and then defragged before and after installing AoC.

    So my secondary rig is right at the minimum specs except the graphics card, which should be fairly comfortably above the minimum spec card. After playing about with it for a couple of and adjusting the settings to everything I can think of, a few observations:

    1. The graphics engine is horrifically memory dependent on memory and is just generally an utter mess when compared to most modern games, it looks pretty but it’s abysmally inefficient.

    2. There’s something funny going on with the shader model settings, you’d think that using shader model 2.0 would increase performance over 3.0… you’d be very wrong when talking about an 8800GTS 512 or a 7600GT. I cannot claim to have watertight repeatable benchmarks, but having tested it in several different situations (running around – or trying to- in Aqualionia, wandering about in the wildlands of zelta and strolling round tortage), I can confidently say that bizarrely enough the shader model setting causes a huge increase in performance when set to 2.0 from 3.0, and is well known to often reset itself to 3.0 if you have changed it to anything else anyway.

    3. In case it’s not clear, the game is NOT playable at the minimum spec, the person at FC who thought it was ok to recommend those as the minimum should be sued for slander.

    4. Most problems such as stuttering are caused by lack of memory and CPU, the game makes very heavy use of the CPU at all times.

    5. As you move around the world and objects are loaded dynamically, which is all well and good, however, if there were not so many memory leaks I hazard a guess that much larger chunks of the world and objects could be loaded into memory at a time thus getting rid of the stuttering. I have seen on my main rig the memory go over 1.2GB after a few hours play.

    6. The cities KILL fps, even on my main rig with the settings turned down its a very jerky unpleasant experience.

    7. Forget about DX10, there is no ingame option to use it, they have stated that it is not implemented and that they intend to show a *demo* of it at some show in August.

    I would guess that the memory leaks can be fixed, at which stage, after they sort out a few of the worst graphical engine bugs, it might *just* be possible to play with minimum settings with the minimum spec system.

    At the moment, I would say you are a brave person to try and play it without 2GB of ram, a solid CPU, and preferably an 8 series or equivalent card.

    Anyways, enough of my diatribe….

    Laters folks

  8. I’ve got some serius laggs in AoC. I have about 60fps on low ofc and then it suddenly just drops down to 1fps for a few seconds and then up to about 50-60 again.

    Feels weird because I sould beable to play lagg-free with low setings souldnt I ?
    My PC specc: AMD Athlon x2 2.8GHz (rated 5200) a GeForce 8800GTX 768MB DDR3 @ 625Mhz (core) and 2GHz (Memory) ,and 3GB of Ram DDR2.

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