Funcom Survey – How’s Open Beta?

Funcom mailed me (and probably the rest of the Open Beta participants) a survey asking about the open beta experience so far. If you received the survey, take a second to fill it out. It’s really quick, and maybe it’ll help Funcom gather some helpful data.

Like most surveys, your answer options don’t always provide the answer you’d choose. For example, the last question asks “Do you plan to purchase Age of Conan? My possible answers are:

  1. Yes. I’ve already preordered or I plan to pick it up as soon as I can.
  2. Most likely, I have some slight reservations, but I will probably pick up the game.
  3. Undecided. I could go either way at this point.
  4. Most likely not. I have some serious reservations and will be waiting for the reviews to come in.
  5. Definitely not.

I was wishing for a “Undecided. If you fix all the damn problems I’ve experienced, I think I might actually enjoy your game”. There’s no way for me to tell them that for the one evening I ran the game fairly successfully, I found myself enjoying the game, but for the rest of my play time, the game has been partly to mostly unplayable. That’s a limitation of a survey, though, it’s not really Funcom’s fault. I just want my gripes to be heard by someone at Funcom 🙂 Maybe I’ll shoot them a mail, although they’re probably a little busy at the moment. I’ve been bug reporting and putting in detailed descriptions.

I was interested to notice that in their questions about hardware, they didn’t have a selection for SLI video card setups. I guess that’s not a potential issue? They did have a multi-core question, so they’re at least aware that could be causing problems.

There’s a small update on the Age of Conan boards about known issues. Apparently the first post has been updated today. They didn’t do a good job of identifying what issues were updated, though. Some of those notes have been there since the beginning of open beta. If you’re having trouble, you can try the listed fixes. Just an FYI;, none of them have helped me except for limiting multi-core to one core for Ageofconan.exe, and that only helped briefly, through a handful of play sessions. I haven’t had a chance to try the game today, but as of last night, the beta was unplayable for me.

It’d be nice if Funcom’s community people were keeping better track of the problems they’re seeing, possible fixes, and which updates are current. That’s probably the most frustrating part of the whole open beta experience so far.

T – 11 days until pre-release!


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