My morning with Age of Conan

If I wasn’t the kind of person to poke around forums, read other blogs, and dink around with computers because I enjoy a challenge, I would have already given up on AoC, and I wouldn’t have looked back.

I posted about the multi-core solution yesterday, and it continues to work today after the patch. In other words, whatever they patched this morning did not allow me to run both CPU’s and get good performance. I’m hitching and lagging all over the place until I disable one of the cores and set the AoC .exe Process to High priority. I have to do that every time I log in, it doesn’t save the setting from the last time it ran.

I can’t believe, with the number of dual-core or multi-core machines out there, and all Funcom’s “cutting edge graphics” advertising, that I can only run one core at a time. But whatever, at least I can run around without stuttering the entire time. I’m hoping that it’s stable this week, and I can actually write about my impressions of the game. I don’t want to start reviewing things while I’m annoyed about performance and Funcom’s decisions for open beta. I think it’d be a little slanted right now, and that’s not totally fair.

I seem to be able to hide regularly now, and climbing points work the way they should. I’m hoping to get some time today to actually play, instead of struggling through poor performance and not really getting a feel for the game. We’ll see, though, I suspect my wife and daughter might have other plans. It’s a very nice day outside…you know, that shiny place with the big bright yellow thing overhead. I might actually go out there for a little while 🙂


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